The Weeknd in The Simpsons March 20 episode: Air time, first look photos, and more explored

The Weeknd will appear on The Simpsons' episode of March 20, 2022. (Image via Getty Images & @TheSimpsons/Twitter)
The Weeknd will appear on The Simpsons' episode of March 20, 2022. (Image via Getty Images & @TheSimpsons/Twitter)

In the March 20, 2022 episode, The Simpsons will welcome a couple of "really awesome" characters.

In an episode titled Bart the Cool Kid, Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd plays two characters: a renowned child influencer who owns an ultra-cool skatewear brand and his father.

Here's everything known about the upcoming episode so far.

All about The Weeknd's appearance on The Simpsons episode

When will The Simpsons episode air?

"Bart the Cool Kid" will premiere on Sunday, March 20, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

First look photos of the episode

The official photographs were released on the show's official Twitter page. Check them out below.

Regarding The Weeknd's appearance on the show, writer Ryan Koh said:

“The Weeknd is a huge animation fan so he reached out to us, which we were super excited about. He’s obviously a very cool human, so he seemed like a natural fit to play a very cool boy and his very cool dad. The two characters he plays are impossibly rich, super-confident and self-assured, and we hoped that since the Weeknd is an impossibly rich music megastar, he would also be confident and self-assured, and indeed he naturally gave off that vibe when we recorded him.”

What happens in the episode?

In this episode, Homer rallies neighborhood dads against child skate-wear influencer Bart. Bart's new acquaintance with a popular celebrity will make him objectively cool. To make up for feeling left out and envious, Homer will start wearing skatewear.

He'll lead an uprising of his fellow middle-aged loser dads to dress in "crazy clothes they don't understand" to feel young and cool once more. Commenting on the episode, Koh concluded:

“For the middle-aged loser dads on the writing staff, feeling old and lame comes naturally, so Homer’s anger and despair came pouring out of us easily.”

More about The Weekend's love for The Simpsons

The Weeknd previously co-wrote and played himself in an American Dad episode from 2020, for which he also co-wrote the original new song I'm a Virgin.


Working on The Simpsons was a "bucket list" item for him, he stated in an interview with Variety about his American Dad role, adding:

“I actually have a pretty cool idea if they’re down.”

The Weeknd will tour North America later this year to promote his studio album Dawn FM, which was released in January. The Weeknd x The Dawn FM Experience, a visual accompaniment, was released on Amazon Prime Video in late February this year.

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