'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 2 preview: Will Nicky finally meet Sally in the upcoming episode? 

Still from NBC's This Is Us - Nick Pearson (Image via IMDb)
Still from NBC's This Is Us - Nick Pearson (Image via IMDb)

The premiere of This Is Us Season 6 has already left viewers teary-eyed and they are definitely not prepared for the next one.

The upcoming episode will premiere on January 11 and will mostly focus on Nicky and his long-lost love Sally. This episode feels like a continuation of Season 5's One Small Step, especially because of its title, One Big Leap. It is exciting to see the series focus on every character and their story in order to give the final season the perfect ending.


'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 2: What to expect from the second episode?


Season 6 of This Is Us opened with Randall feeling inspired to help out an addict, while Kevin and Kate deal with Madison and Toby's life choices.

The young ones, as well as the old ones in the house, have things to look forward to. Deja is prepping to visit Malik and Nicky has been stalking Sally ever since he found her on Facebook. But Rebecca is not here for that, she believes life is too short so Nicky better go and say 'Hi' to his lover.

The upcoming episode of This Is Us Season 6 is expected to revolve around Nicky, Rebecca, and Miguel's trip to meet Sally. The big mystery here remains whether Sally would be happy to see Nicky after all these years and it's also not clear whether or not she's married.

However, Nicky's nature of greeting gives us hope about the two being 'soulmates' as he has also been stalking her on social media for months now. He's constantly been reading Sally's posts, which also means he might have developed a parasocial relationship with her which she has no idea about.

Nonetheless, someone has to find a happy ending between Deja's trip to Boston and Nicky's trip to the past.

Catch This Is Us Season 6 Episode 2 next Tuesday, January 11 on NBC, Hulu, and Hotstar. The latest episode is also available to stream on the platforms.

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