"This is sick": sMothered fans slam Sunhe and Angelica who claim they often have a bath together 

Sunhe and Angelica from sMothered (Image via Instagram/@bigspoonlittlespoon1)
Sunhe and Angelica from sMothered (Image via Instagram/@bigspoonlittlespoon1)

TLC's sMothered returned for an all-new episode on Monday night, October 3, 2022, which had oodles of drama. Episode 8 of the reality TV series featured shocking elements, but the one thing that stunned viewers the most was seeing Sunhe and Angelica taking a bath together.

I can’t see me ever having a bath with my mother! Never! This is sick! #smothered

Over the past three seasons of sMothered, viewers have followed the various mother-daughter duos as they navigate through life beyond regular parent-child relationships. Sunhe and Angelica seemed close to each other, and some might consider that they were crossing boundaries.

In Episode 8 of sMothered Season 4, titled The Hard Truth, Sunhe and Angelica have a conversation about Jason. While that happened regularly, viewers were shocked about what the mother and daughter duo were doing during the discussion.

The series showcased Angelica in the tub having a bath while her mother walked in and joined her. Upon witnessing this, fans and viewers were shocked to see the two having a bath together.

Read on to learn more about why fans were grossed out to see Sunhe and Angelica take a bath together on sMothered.

Sunhe and Angelica face backlash from fans after their bath together on sMothered

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that this was sick and disgusting. Fans continued that they could never see themselves sharing a bath with their mother.

I can’t see me ever having a bath with my mother! Never! This is sick! #smothered
Do they shower after the bath together? Because they are sitting in each other dirty water…#smothered
Sharing bath water with your mother is gross. Like dog, you are an adult, ma’am. #smothered
#sMothered I really can’t with some of these people! Sharing bath water….really!!!!
They’re sitting in this bath water together looking like …. i can’t #smothered
I can't deal with this grown ass woman taking a bubble bath with her mother.🤢😡 #sMothered
This is sick grown ass women taking a bath with each other and for it to be mother and daughter makes it 2x disgusting #smothered
2 grownass bitches having a bath together, GTFOH sunhe c u nxt tues Heffer! #sMothered
I LOVE my mom, but we aren’t sharing no darn bath water. #smothered
Gross Sunhe! comparing taking a bath with your daughter the same as with a husband #Smothered
Sharing bath water… with her mother?! What in the actual f*ck! Oh hell no. This tub ain’t big enough for the both of us. Yuck! #sMothered

Here's what happened this week on sMothered Season 4, Episode 8

Right off the bat, viewers could see Sunhe enter the same tub Angelica was in. The sMothered star added that she had been taking a batch with her mother since she was young. She shared that it was like second nature and made her feel closer to her mother.

Sunhe shared,

"We used to bathe together ever since she was a baby. As she got older it just seemed natural. We take a bath together maybe once a month. It feels like a spiritual connection to continue the bond. Have you not taken a bubble bath with a girlfriend of yours or husband. It's the same thing, what is the big deal."

During their bath together, Angelica opened up about how she had a conversation with Jason. She added that he didn't want Sunhe to stay with them anymore. Sunhe shared that she expected it but didn't think that Jason would have a private conversation about it with her daughter like a "snake."

Lauren, Laura Leigh (and Lisa of course 😅) are ready to welcome baby Raegan to the world! 👶 #sMothered starts NOW!

Sunhe added that she didn't need to stay with her daughter and Jason but continued to reside with them because of Angelica.

Angelica shared that she wished they could live together and co-exist peacefully just for the child's sake. During her confessional, Angelica added that it felt too much most of the time and that she gets annoyed that her daughter is in this mess between her mother and Jason.

sMothered airs every Monday at 9 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check their local listings for more information. Do not miss episodes of the show if you are a true-blue lover of drama.

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