'This woman is a problem because she's showing too much cleavage' — Twitch streamer Kaceytron speaks out against sexism

Twitch streamer Kaceytron has called out Twitch for prolonged sexism
Twitch streamer Kaceytron has called out Twitch for prolonged sexism

The storm that has seemingly engulfed Twitch these days shows no sign of abating, as notable streamer Kaceytron recently opened up about sexism in the workplace.

The Amazon-owned platform is one of the most popular streaming sites globally and features a plethora of personalities from various walks of life. They stream games and interact with audiences from across the globe.

Despite its popularity, Twitch has often been accused of serving as a breeding ground for rampant toxicity. Lately, these accusations seem to be gaining a stronger foothold with each passing day.

In light of a recent article by gamesindustry.biz, where several streamers spoke out against physical abuse, sexism, and racism 'behind closed doors,' Twitch streamer Kaceytron recently opened up about her ordeal:

She also revealed how Twitch appeared to have taken a predetermined stance against her, even removing her 'subscribe button' back in 2014:

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This hurt her growth as a streamer, when she was on the rise, and forced her to go back to working full-time. Stating that it was a case of blatant sexism, she noted that it was just an attempt by Twitch to remove her from the platform.

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Kaceytron speaks out against Twitch's malpractices

In the expose article by gamesindustry.biz, a particular employee gave the example of Kaceytron. She revealed how no one really took women seriously at Twitch and that they specifically had a vendetta against the 27-year-old streamer for wearing 'revealing' clothes:

"It was one of those rare moments where some of these guys just came out with it and were honest: 'This woman is a problem because she's showing too much cleavage. And we need to come up with a way that does not bend our rules but allows us to get her off of this website."

In a recent clip from one of her streams, Kaceytron can be heard speaking about this very issue, where she holds Twitch accountable and demands answers for her alleged mistreatment:

"Tell me any reason why ever it just happened, literally whenever I was live streaming... the sub button was completely gone, and there was never any reason given as to why. At this point, I was like 'they're really targeting me'. "
"Though it felt really validating to hear about from another source, I am really upset about it."

Kaceytron also revealed how she almost quit streaming at the time, on account of being marginalized by Twitch:

Kaceytron received support from the online community, who criticised Twitch and even demanded that she take legal action against the platform:

Amid mounting dissent online, Twitch continues to find itself at the receiving end of intense criticism due to its lengthy and problematic history with bans, authoritarianism, and sexism.

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