TikToker Anna Shumate apologizes for "dark humor" jokes and racist comments 

TikToker Anna Shumate recently apologized for her insensitive jokes (image via Anna Shumate, Instagram)
TikToker Anna Shumate recently apologized for her insensitive jokes (image via Anna Shumate, Instagram)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 03 May 2021

TikToker Anna Shumate recently found herself on the receiving end of online flak after Twitter users found evidence of racist and xenophobic humor originating from her alternate account. Twitter users have been on a cancelation crusade recently, bringing to light incidents from influencers' past as grounds to call for their immediate removal from online platforms.

Streamer Disguised Toast and Anna Shumate are the latest targets. Anna Shumate has responded in full to the allegations, which can be seen below.

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Anna Shumate issues apology after racist dark humour resurfaces

Within 24 hours of people bringing the controversial jokes to light, Anna Shumate has released a complete apology regarding the incident:

"I'm here apologizing about the video that I made around a year ago on my spam account. I was asking for dark humour jokes and liking and commenting on other people's dark humour jokes which was really unacceptable to me and the ones that I liked and commented back to were very unacceptable and wrong in so many ways. I am here to say sorry to everyone that I have affected with that video and those comments."

Stating that it was her fault for making that video, she doesn't ask for sympathy from her audience and states that she should have known better.

The controversy started with a host of inappropriate jokes such as “I’m not racist I have an African-American in my family tree... it’s just hanging" being liked and commented on by Anna Shumate.

Deeming the jokes to be in poor taste, Twitter immediately brought the posts to the TikToker's attention and demanded an apology, something they have now received. How the TikTok star moves past this henceforth remains to be seen.

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Published 03 May 2021
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