Top 5 Saddest Character Deaths Ever in Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan {Image via Attack on Titan, "To You, in 2000 Years"}
Attack on Titan {Image via Attack on Titan, "To You, in 2000 Years"}

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers regarding Attack on Titan as these deaths are from both the recently completed manga and yet-to-be-finished anime series. Fans who do not want the final season spoiled should stop reading now.

Top 5 Saddest Character Deaths Ever in Attack On Titan

While many prized characters did not make it to the end of the Attack on Titan journey, this list curates some of the saddest character deaths within the series.

#5 - Ymir

After a life of abuse and manipulation, Ymir's passing was nearly almost welcomed by her. Though Ymir was aware of her sins, her relationship with Historia was enough to make her realize she was worthy of some happiness during her time on Paradis.

In saving Reiner and Bertholdt, Ymir understood what fate was waiting for her back in Marley. Her relationship with Historia and redemption from her tragic backstory stole the hearts of AOT fans everywhere. Her death is shown in the Attack on Titan anime in Season 4, though it takes place much closer in time to Season 2.

#4 - Marco Bott

Marco Bott, an innocent Scout in the Survey Corps, left a lasting impression on fans. Marco's death is not seen on screen in Season 1 until the truth behind his demise is revealed in Season 3, Episode 3. Marco had accidentally walked up behind Reiner and Bertholdt as they were discussing their plans as Marleyan warriors.

As he overheard their secrets, Reiner forced Annie to remove Marco's ODM gear and left him stranded on a rooftop as a pure titan approached. As one of the most innocent and uplifting characters in the Attack on Titan series, Marco's death was tough to swallow.

#3 - Hannes

Though he started as an arrogant drunkard who enjoyed harassing young Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, Hannes' character development left Attack on Titan fans devastated when his life ended in Season 2, Episode 12 of the anime.

Hannes' is known for saving Eren from the titan who ate his mother, who was later found to be Grisha Jaeger's first wife. Hannes sacrifices himself to save a down-trodden Eren when he is faced with the very same titan as an act of redemption for not being able to save Eren's mother.

#2 - Commander Hange Zoe

Ever the whirlwind of whimsy and weird, Hange Zoe was an Attack on Titan legend. Her deep desire to understand titans and perhaps live in a world of peace between humans and others helped her to stand out from the rest. In Chapter 132 titled "Wings of Freedom," Hange Zoe sees the Rumbling approaching with Eren driving it. What remains of the Survey Corps stands helpless and so, Hange knows what she must do.

Just as Erwin named her his successor, Hange named Levi Ackerman hers before charging towards the hundreds of Colossal Titans to give her friends some more time. Hange manages to take down several titans before falling. She is greeted by her comrades in the afterlife as Erwin helps her up, happy to be surrounded by her friends once more.

#1 - Commander Erwin Smith

Perhaps the most inspirational character in the entire Attack on Titan series, Commander Erwin Smith is a silent and calculated commander who is always several steps ahead of literally everyone. Just as he was able to successfully overthrow a corrupt monarchy, Erwin Smith was also able to rally his soldiers one last time in the anime's Season 3, Episode 18 titled "Midnight Sun."

Driven by his desire to avenge his father and learn the truth about the world, Erwin led his troops to victory time and time again. In a battle that cost him his arm, Erwin demanded that his troops charge on. His final moments were spent the same way, as he encouraged Levi to make the right decision. Though many fans do not agree with Erwin having to be sacrificed for Eren and the greater good, most can accept his honorable and heroic death.

The Attack on Titan series has been officially wrapped up as the latest manga chapter, Chapter 139 titled "Toward the Tree on That Hill," has been released. However, the anime adaptation still has some ground to cover and will be returning in the Winter of 2022. These deaths, however, are taken from the completed Attack on Titan manga material and the anime episodes.

Edited by Gautham Balaji