Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3: Hee-do’s pen pal is none other than Yu-rim

A still from Twenty-Five Twenty-One (Image via tvn_drama/Instagram)
A still from Twenty-Five Twenty-One (Image via tvn_drama/Instagram)

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 3 takes Min-jae, the daughter of Hee-do, played by Kim Tae-ri, back to when she tried to enter the national team. Min-jae is discovering the truth about her mother’s teenage years through the diary that Hee-do has kept in Min-jae’s grandmother’s home.

In this episode, she will learn about the growing closeness between Hee-do and Ye-jin, played by Nam Joo-hyuk, and the continuing hatred between Hee-do and Yu-rim.

This episode of Twenty-Five Twenty-One also hints at a misunderstanding between Hee-do and Ye-jin over Yu-rim. From the former’s perspective, it is not hard to understand her growing anger towards Yu-rim, her groupmate from the fencing team.

However, the episode draws on how Ye-jin is unable to take Hee-do’s side at an important moment in her life. The one who does take her side is her pen pal, and the twist here is that the pen pal is none other than Yu-rim.

Why does Hee-do begin to hate Yu-rim in Twenty-Five Twenty-One?

Hee-do is initially one of Yu-rim’s biggest fans. One of the two reasons she transfers to the same school as Yu-rim in Twenty-Five Twenty-One is to learn alongside her and be close to her in real life.

The second reason is her love for fencing and the need to pursue it without letting things like the IMF crisis interfere with her dreams. However, to Hee-do’s shock, she learns that Yu-rim is not the same person that she has idolized all this while.

She cannot identify the reason behind Yu-rim’s brusque treatment in Twenty-Five Twenty-One. She is unaware that she had beaten Yu-rim in the past when she had been a genius fencer as a junior.

Her father’s death changes the course of Hee-do’s journey in fencing, but her love for fencing doesn’t disappear. This is why she sticks with it despite her not-so-impressive rank in this series.

The animosity between Yu-rim and Hee-do becomes bigger when the latter beats Yu-rim at a friendly match within the club. It reminds the loser of the time that she had lost to Hee-do.

Additionally, Yu-rim also seems to have a problem with the way Hee-do plays the game. A conflict arises between the two girls, and the former is in the wrong.

However, as an Olympic gold medalist and a national athlete, there aren’t many who would blame her. At that moment, all that Hee-do needed was someone who would take her side, and this is exactly what Ye-jin refuses to do in Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

Not Ye-jin, but Yu-rim consoles Hee-do in Twenty-Five Twenty-One

After her tough day at school, Hee-do goes to the comic store to return Fullhouse’s latest season. It is clear that she has hit a low, and Ye-jin attempts to draw the reason out of her, but he fails in doing so.

Instead, Hee-do asks him for just one thing in this tvN show. That is to say, “Yu-rim is in the wrong.” However, he tells her that he cannot say it without understanding the reason.

She returns home upset and sits down in front of the system, where she confesses everything to her pen pal. It is her pen pal who consoles her by telling her that Yu-rim is in the wrong in this K-Drama. Ironically, Yu-rim is on the other end of that chat window, and neither is aware of this truth.

It would be interesting to see how the relationship dynamics in the show will change once they learn about this truth. Will Hee-do and Yu-rim overcome the misunderstanding to become friends? Only time will tell.

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