Twitch: A Russian streamer made $256,000 to buy a house and is now raising more money for an apartment

(Image Credits: ItsAGundam, Twitter)
(Image Credits: ItsAGundam, Twitter)

Twitch began as a streaming platform for gamers. However, as time passed, different kinds of streamers have managed to gain popularity on the platform. These include various ‘reaction’ streamers, ‘IRL’ streamers and other unique ones. We recently even talked about Broxh, a wood-carver from New Zealand who managed to get his country’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to make a cameo in one of his streams!

Regardless, there are hundreds of other streamers who post various IRL streams, where they talk about their life experiences and give general advice on various topics to their viewers.

Recently, we saw notable YouTuber and Twitch streamer ItsAGundam post a video about some of the more 'unique' streamers that he has come across.

Image Credits: ItsAGundame, Twitter
Image Credits: ItsAGundame, Twitter

ItsAGundam is himself no stranger to controversy and was popularly involved in a feud with Pokimane as he posted a video mocking her fans and brand of content. He currently has 500k subscribers on YouTube and around 32k followers on Twitch.

Twitch: Russian streamer made $200,000 to buy a house and returns to raise more money for an apartment

Towards the beginning of the video, ItsAGundam explained how different some Twitch streamers can be.

He then explained that a few months back, he had come across a female Russian streamer he does not remember the name of. The Twitch streamer posted various IRL videos and had been campaigning for money to buy herself a house! As it turned out, she managed to reach her goal within a matter of weeks.

The house cost $200,000, and she managed to get almost half of the amount via a single $120,000 donation. Furthermore, various people had even donated money so that she could buy furniture, which brought the total money raised to a whopping $256,000! As you can see above, she is a 26-year old streamer who posted the following about the house that she wanted to buy.

The Twitch streamer eventually deleted her social media accounts but has now returned to the platform. However, this time, she is trying to raise money to buy an apartment! She has so far stayed silent on all questions regarding the money that was previously raised.

ItsAGundam claimed that the Twitch streamer has been banning viewers who tried to ask her about the $250,000 that she had raised before!

He then went on to explain that people have been donating to her again, although she hasn’t yet managed to get a donation as high as the $120,000 that she previously managed. You can watch ItsAGundam’s video on the matter below.

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