Twitch streamer faces severe backlash for writing subscriber names all over her body, platform's integrity in question

Image via IndieFoxx | Twitch
Image via IndieFoxx | Twitch

Twitch streamer "Indiefoxx" made headlines after getting banned for writing the names of her subscribers on her body.

Streaming can be a very hectic job. Streamers need to bear in mind that there are a lot of rules, especially on sites like Twitch. They also need to be wary of their actions because any untoward behavior can cause a lot of backlash.

In certain cases, they may also face bans.


The Twitch streamer in question is an IRL streamer and has over 70,000 subscribers.

Did streamer Indiefoxx find loopholes in streaming platforms' content rules?

Indiefoxx had to serve a ban from Twitch after serving another one not long before. Indiefoxx was banned from Twitch on January 29th,2021, for streaming with revealing clothing in a hot tub.

She wasn't completely nude, but Twitch's rules don't allow streamers to be fully or partially nude while streaming on the platform.

She then got banned a few days later for writing the names of her subscribers on her body. Her actions have left the internet divided.

One part of the internet argued that wearing a bathing suit while streaming at a beach or a pool was acceptable, so Indiefoxx may have presumed that wearing lingerie while streaming was acceptable.

The other side of the internet argued that writing the names of her subscribers on her clavicle was drawing the attention of users to her upper bust. Her ban was eventually reversed on the same day within a few hours.

This incident has sparked another debate regarding Twitch's favoritism towards female streamers.

Some sections of the Twitch community believe that female streamers get a free pass when breaking or bending the Twitch rules, whereas the bans are far more severe when men break the rules.

This debate brought up Sebastian "Forsen" Fors' ban for accidentally showing a GIF containing horse genitalia back in November 2020.

The incident questions the integrity of Twitch. The Twitch community has often hinted that the platform favors streamers like Alinity and Pokimane. This debate will rage on for some time.

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