Twitch streamer Nihachu opens up on eating disorders, earns support online

Nihachu speaks about body image and more in a Twitlonger
Nihachu speaks about body image and more in a Twitlonger

Popular German YouTuber and Twitch personality Nihachu recently penned a Twitlonger addressing many issues that have come to her attention. Nihachu bears all in a heartfelt message to everyone out there while talking about the harm caused when people are insensitive to others who suffer from eating disorders or body dysmorphia.

Note: Nihachu's message contains a trigger warning for eating disorders, body dysmorphia and body image. Those uncomfortable reading about said topics, please refrain from doing so.

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Nihachu's message about body image

Nihachu began her statement by stating that she has long faced eating disorders and has been dealing with body dysmorphia throughout her life. As a result, the 19-year-old content creator said that she faces health issues due to a lack of nutrients in her system.

Her statement quickly moves to the negative comments that she has received in the past year:

"Lately I have seen more and more comments of people commenting negatively on my body and even though I am fully aware that that sadly is the norm as I am showing my appearance on the internet, it has gotten to a point where I wanted to say something about it."

Nihachu urged the community to be compassionate and refrain from commenting on other people's bodies. She encouraged extending support to others who might be subjected to harsh treatment by folks on the internet.

Pokimane and countless others streamers rallied behind Nihachu's message of love and support. It is a step in the direction of compassion, empathy, and acceptance for the Twitch community.

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