Twitter is convinced that Jeff Bezos is Lex Luthor after a clip of him trying out robotic arms goes viral

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit

Twitter is convinced that Jeff Bezos is Lex Luthor in the 21st Century.

What do the richest man in the world and DC's supervillain have in common? They're both billionaires, bald and proficient geniuses when it comes to technology. These traits were highlighted recently when an old clip of Jeff Bezos trying out a pair of robotic hands at the re: MARS conference in Las Vegas last year, recently went viral on Twitter:

In the clip which at the time of writing this article, has so far received 962 retweets and 4.6 likes, Jeff Bezos can be spotted trying out an extremely advanced piece of technology akin to a supervillain, replete with evil laughter.

Soon as the clip began to gain traction online, several from the online community responded with the name Lex Luthor, as they went on to state that Jeff Bezos bares an uncanny resemblance to the famous DC supervillain and common foe of Superman.

Jeff Bezos x Lex Luthor

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Image Credits:

Jeff Bezos is one of the most well-known personalities on the planet and apart from heading Amazon and dominating the e-commerce industry, he has also ventured into the domains of AI and space flight.

Due to his intellect, features and popularity as a business magnate, he has often been compared to the CEO of LexCorp in the DC Comics Universe, Lex Luthor. Known to be a criminal mastermind who creates his own advanced warsuit to take on Superman, Twitter was quick to spot an uncanny resemblance with Jeff Bezos.

For all the skeptics out there, take a look at another side by side comparison below:

Jeff Bezos (L) and Lex Luthor (R)
Jeff Bezos (L) and Lex Luthor (R)

Check out some of the reactions alone as Twitter users were quick to chant 'Lex Luthor' in response to Jeff Bezos's recent viral clip:

If the Lex Luthor comparisons were not enough, some even stated that Jeff Bezos could also be Spider-Man's mentor turned nemesis, Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus from the Marvel Universe:

With the recent comparisons on Twitter, it certainly looks like Jeff Bezos would make a solid case to give stiff competition to the DCEU's Lex Luthor, Jesse Eisenberg.

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