Twitter erupts as BTS tease "Permission to Dance" collab with Ed Sheeran

The K-POP band surprised their fans with the announce of their new collab single with Ed Sheeran
The K-POP band surprised their fans with the announce of their new collab single with Ed Sheeran

BTS fans all over the world are shaken to the core as the band surprised fans and announced the release of their new single, "Permission to Dance," a collaboration with American pop-star Ed Sheeran.

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BTS, one of the biggest K-POP bands in the world right now, debuted in 2013. They began to inch their way into the spotlight with their album trilogy "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life," and scored their first number-one hit with the track "Blood Sweat and Tears" in 2016. Today, they hold several achievements for breaking chart records internationally, and have won 370 awards out of the 544 they've been nominated for.

Permission to Dance: Release date and more

BTS' new single, "Permission to Dance," has been teased before by their collaborator, Ed Sheeran. During an informal Q&A session with his fans on Instagram, he revealed that his favorite BTS track was "Permission to Dance", making fans anticipate its release.

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"Permission to Dance" will be released on the 9th of July, 2021 as a track in the "Butter" single CD release. The song has been produced by Steve Mac, Stephen Kirk and Jenna Andrews. Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid and Jenna Andrews are credited as its writers. Other songs on the CD include "Butter", a "Butter" Instrumental, and a "Permission to Dance" Instrumental.

BTS fans keep the memes coming

BTS fans weren't a step behind the band, flooding Twitter almost immediately to share their candid reactions to the unexpected news. The phrases "BTS IS COMING", "CAN'T WAIT", "OMG ED SHEERAN" and "TRACKLIST" shot to the trending list on Twitter, and the hashtag "#PERMISSIONTODANCE" was quick to join them.

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Ed Sheeran has previously collaborated with BTS, having written for their song "Make It Right" on their 2019 album "Map of the Soul: Persona." Owing to this, fans are ecstatic at the news of the collaboration and can't wait to hear the track on July 9th.

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