Twitter extends support to Millie Bobby Brown after online trolls reportedly force her to delete her TikTok account

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Stranger Things star and youth icon Millie Bobby Brown recently deleted her TikTok account, reportedly due to excessive internet trolls online.

From making homophobic jokes at her expense to trolling her for using an Android phone, the 16-year old actress was recently subjected to the internet's toxic side, which ended up getting the better of her.

Emphasizing on the need to be kind to one another, she stressed on the importance of surrounding oneself with positivity rather than hate.

Her decision to delete her TikTok account seems to stem from the excessive online trolls that have been directed at her of late, which range from making homophobic jokes to trolling her simply for having an Android phone.

As soon as word got around that Millie Bobby Brown had deleted her TikTok account, Twitter extended support to her, as they called out online trolls for making her the victim of unwarranted hate online.

Twitter defends Millie Bobby Brown from vicious internet trolls


Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most popular teen actresses today, whose character as Eleven in Netflix's Stranger Things proved to be her breakthrough role.

Since then, she has been transcending barriers with her roles in films such as Godzilla: King of Monsters and Enola Holmes.

Millie Bobby Brown is also known for being the youngest person ever to be appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, simultaneously going on to feature in TIME Magazine's list of the most influential teens.

Having achieved global fame at a relatively young age, she has amassed millions of fans across the globe and is known for her bubbly and lively social media presence.

However, as it is with most celebrities today, Millie Bobby Brown recently bore witness to the internet's ugly side as numerous homophobic trolls began to surface online, where they mocked the 16-year old teen sensation.

If that wasn't enough, a section also poked fun at her for using an outdated Android phone rather than going in for the latest technology.

In an age of cyberbullying and online trolls, Twitter took a stand as they extended their support to Millie Bobby Brown, who was forced to delete her TikTok recently.

As the Twitter community continues to denounce the despicable nature of online trolls, fans will certainly be hoping that Millie Bobby Brown makes a swift return to social media.

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