Viral video of Joe Biden shaking hands with the air takes over the internet

President Joe Biden (Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
President Joe Biden (Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden raised further questions after he appeared to shake hands in thin air following his 40-minute speech. Since then, President Biden's speech at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro has gone viral.

After finishing his speech on the ongoing US supply chain crisis, the 46th US President addressed the audience and said:

"God bless America. God bless you all."
Biden just finished his speech and shook hands with nobody

Biden then turned to the right of the stage and extended his hand in a handshake position. At the time, the 79-year-old also appeared to say something.

President Joe Biden appeared disoriented during his speech

The current US President reportedly visited the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University to urge Congress to approve the Bipartisan Innovation Act. The act would provide aid and help increase the budget to encourage more semiconductor production in the country. In his speech, Joe Biden also stated that 70 percent of inflation in the country could be blamed on Russian President Vladimir Putin and the transcontinental country's ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

Later, Biden also inaccurately claimed to have served as a full-time professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He said:

"I've been at a lot of university campuses, matter of fact for four years, I was a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania."

However, as per The Philadelphia Inquirer, President Joe Biden was brought into the university as a "Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor" in 2017. The Pennsylvania native is the first person to hold this position. The publication further claimed that he had not taught any classes since he was brought on board. Biden had reportedly only visited the campus during panel discussions or Q&A sessions.

Netizens react to President Joe Biden's "invisible handshake"

While it is possible that Biden may have been addressing someone on the side of the stage, netizens across social media have been mocking the incident. Republican Senator Ted Cruz reacted to the clip of Biden on Twitter with a wide-eyed emoji.

@realDailyWire I Wish This Guy Was Still Around So He Could Play Him In The Movie Version....🙏
@realDailyWire I’m not a Biden fan but he’s clearly gesturing to someone in the crowd
@FreeBeacon How does that keep happening? Why isn’t there an intern who is never more than 15 feet away? They need a nanny for this guy.
@realDailyWire Not every hand gesture is an attempted handshake btw. Especially when it's done in the direction of a crowd
@FreeBeacon That’s actually not what happened. You see what you want to see.
@FreeBeacon He looks like he’s trying to follow a treasure map.
@FreeBeacon If full retirement age is 66, no one should be running for office past that age...regardless of party. I would go a step further and say everyone should be out of office before 66, so no one should be running past 62.
@FreeBeacon I get that a lot of people hated Trump, but how did this dude get 81 million votes?
@FreeBeacon Remember when media went wild for how Trump drank water and walked down a ramp before jogging off?
@FreeBeacon He was probably told there would be someone up there, and looked for that person 🙄 this isn’t that difficult to figure out

The incident is one of many that members of the Republican party have used to demand that Biden should take a cognitive test. In July last year, several netizens pointed out how the President used a variation of the phrase "Not joking" multiple times at one of his town hall meetings.

President Biden has said “not a joke” at least seven times over the past 30 minutes. Not a joke. Literally.
WATCH: Joe Biden struggles to keep his thoughts straight when talking about vaccines.

Similarly, in February, 38 Republicans sent a letter to Biden, where they urged him to take a cognitive test. In July 2021, a clip showcased Biden's struggles while voicing his opinions about the pandemic at one of his presidential town hall meetings. The recent clip of Biden's handshake is likely to refuel the same debate about the current US President's cognitive health.

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