"Internet needs to stop": TikTok users swoon over Ukrainian President Zelenskyy with 'thirst trap' content leaving netizens unimpressed

TikTokers are crushing over the Ukrainian President (Image via @zelenskiy_official/Instagram and @tiktok/Facebook)
TikTokers are crushing over the Ukrainian President (Image via @zelenskiy_official/Instagram and @tiktok/Facebook)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has proven himself to be a brave leader, supporting his nation, citizens, and military during a perilous time. His courage has not gone unnoticed by the world as more and more people praise the leader on the internet.

However, the president has also found a number of admirers swooning over his looks. Numerous TikTokers have posted fan videos of the president calling him words like "daddy," which left netizens proverbially shaking their heads.

They pointed out that it is not the right time to make such content on the Ukrainian President or the country.

TikTokers are making "thirst" videos on President Zelenskyy

Women and men are swooning over actor and comedian turned politician in numerous videos appreciating him and calling him "crush," "daddy," and "zaddy."

TikTok user Stephanie Martin posted a video where she admitted her attraction towards the leader video said:

“It’s not the time or place to have a crush on President Zelenskyy, Buuuuut… The heart wants what it wants.”

The video went viral on the app and received over 694,000 views.

Another TikToker called the president "daddy" in her video that said,

“Y’all, I got one thing to say. President Zelenskyy — daddy. All these little boys out here are like, "Call me daddy!" Um, no. Prove it. President Zelenskyy? Daddy."

The phenomenon of crushing over the Ukrainian President has turned into a trend on social media. The trend includes people recording their reactions every time they see the 44-year-old leader on television.

The internet is not impressed by the trend

Netizens are not fans of the trend. Many pointed out that while praising the leader is agreeable, thirsting after him is insensitive.

The Russian-Ukraine conflict has raised many memes and jokes called out on the internet for being ignorant and inconsiderate. A user faced heat for calling the situation a "war aesthetic" that needed to be enjoyed, and she later apologized for the statement.

Influencer Danielle Bernstein also got called out for promoting a bikini line under the preface of raising funds for the war-torn country. The "thirst trap" trend seems to have topped that list.

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