What is Danielle Bernstein's net worth? WeWoreWhat founder's fortune explored amid swimwear promotion controversy 

Danielle Bernstein is accused of stealing designs from small independent brands (Image via weworewhat/Instagram)
Danielle Bernstein is accused of stealing designs from small independent brands (Image via weworewhat/Instagram)

Danielle Bernstein, founder of WeWoreWhat got called out on the internet for promoting her swimwear line with the purpose of fundraising for Ukraine. The influencer recently posted on Instagram and announced the launch of her new bikini line and added that proceeds from the sale will go towards aiding those impacted by the crisis.

However, internet users were not on board with the idea and thought that the model was using the tragedy to promote her brand.

The influencer had posted about her swimwear launch, with a caption that shared her views on the current situation. The caption explained that a person can help the world while taking part in self-indulgence. Part of the post read:

"I know posting a photo in a bikini isn't helping anyone, but you know what will? The proceeds from this swim launch going towards on an on-the-ground organization in Ukraine."

The post was criticized for its choice of words, which prompted Bernstein to make changes in the caption.

The modified caption highlighted that the charity was not new to her brand. She added that every WeWoreWhat launch donated a part of their income to numerous benefactions. The captions also revealed that the brand has already contributed $250k for Ukrainian refugees and made an additional donation of $5k to Global Empowerment.

The influencer also promised a third donation towards the cause after the swimwear launch, which has been postponed for now.

She posted part of the post-caption on an Instagram story along with a donation link, which helped her raise an additional $15k.

Internet users questioned the influencer's approach towards the crisis

Netizens were not convinced by the post's caption and believed it to be disrespectful. Many even called it a cash-grab opportunity. Some reactions from Twitter are given below:

Twitter reactions on the bikini launch (Image via Twitter)
Twitter reactions on the bikini launch (Image via Twitter)

A new date for the swimwear launch has not yet been revealed.

Danielle Bernstein was a part of Forbes' 30 under 30 list

Danielle Bernstein was born in Great Neck, New York on the 22nd of May 1992. She became one of the top-following bloggers on Instagram with a following of 2.8 million users on her main account. Her second account and brand account has over 90k and 220k followers respectively.

The influencer was also listed on Forbes 30 under 30 for "Art & Style."

According to people who have worked with Danielle Bernstein, the Fashion Institute of NY alumni charges more than $5,000 for a single sponsored picture on her account. And when it comes to others photographing her, the influencer can charge anywhere between $15,000 to $20,000 per picture. The Second Skin Overalls collaboration with Bandier earned her $70,000 within 3 hours of launching.

According to networthspot.com, Danielle Bernstein's net worth is higher than $17.98 million.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan