WATCH: Bird poops on Joe Biden in viral video, and the internet can't get enough of it 

Internet catches bird defecating on Joe Biden (Image via Shutterstock)
Internet catches bird defecating on Joe Biden (Image via Shutterstock)

A bird pooped on President Joe Biden in Iowa on Tuesday. The video of the same has since been making its rounds on social media. Though the POTUS was present in the state to discuss inflation rates, netizens could not get enough of the winged spectator doing as it pleases.

Joe Biden was wearing a blue suit which was unfortunately hit with bird feces as he began his 25-minute address. The President attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as the reason behind USA’s 8.5% inflation rate.

Moments before the bird took to action, Biden said:

“I’m here today to talk about what we’re doing to lower costs for American families and put rural America at the center of our efforts to build a future that’s made in America. That’s not hyperbole!”
Look closely. It 100% looks like a bird just pooped on Joe Biden. Lmfaoo

Following the unfortunate moment, President Joe Biden did not seem to notice the white splatter on his sharp blue suit. However, it remains unclear whether the President chose to ignore it. The POTUS continued to speak and even announced that there would be higher amounts of ethanol in gasoline during this summer.

As his speech ended, Biden mingled with those present at the event. It did not seem like guests, or the administration chose to notify the unfortunate splatter right above his US flag lapel pin.


Internet bursts into laughter as bird targets Joe Biden

As the video of Biden’s Menlo speech surfaced online, netizens could not help but make fun of the situation. Some spectators of the moment joked that the birds in Iowa were not impressed with the President’s speech. However, many were quick to say that birds defecating on people is considered to be good luck.

A few internet users also joked that the bird which took part in said action would be arrested by the FBI. Others also claimed that Mother Nature does not discriminate when it comes to its natural instincts.

Reacting to the moment, tweets read:

Have they found the bird that pooped on Biden and held him in jail for months without a trial yet?
I nominate the bird that crapped on Biden to be the new symbol of American freedom.
@nypost It’s a sign of good luck
BREAKING: The FBI has arrested the bird suspected of pooping on Joe Biden
@nypost It is a good sign - the Lord has sent its messenger to the leader of the world's most powerful country, to say He fully agrees with the assessment. And he signed it, well with the poop.
@nypost It’s a sign of something good will happen to you. Yes good luck.
@nypost Everybody knows a bird pooping on You is a sign of his luck. So ....
I have identified the bird that shit on Joe Biden
BREAKING: The FBI has dropped the subway case to pursue the bird that shit on Biden.

As the President blamed the soaring inflation rates on Putin, netizens noticed that consumer costs were growing rampantly even before the Ukrainian invasion. CBS also released a poll on Sunday, which read that 69% of citizens in the States disapprove of how the President is handling the price spike. Even 41% of Biden’s Democratic voters disapproved of his actions.

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