"We will wait for Shownu": Fans bid the Monsta X member adieu as he announces the date of his military service enlistment

Shownu will be beginning his mandatory military enlistment service soon (Image via Twitter)
Shownu will be beginning his mandatory military enlistment service soon (Image via Twitter)
Vibha Hegde

Shownu of Monsta X announced that he will be beginning his mandatory military service soon, and Monsta X fans are tearfully wishing him the best.

Prior to joining a K-POP group, Shownu used to be a trainee at JYP Entertainment. He left after sensing no progress in terms of his debut, and eventually joined K-POP soloist Lee Hyori's team as a back-up dancer for her.

The 29-year-old eventually hopped over to Starship Entertainment and participated in their survival show No.Mercy. Finding immense success through the show, he was selected and eventually debuted as the leader of Monsta X.

Shownu reveals all in a letter; Monsta X fans wish him the best

In order to reveal the news, Shownu uploaded a personal message onto a fan-interaction platform officially used by Monsta X.

He conveys to his fans that he's very thankful for their support and that he will do his best in order to repay the kindness that his has received from them. He is extremely grateful for having the opportunity of being a member of Monsta X, and therefore getting to experience so many wonderful things.

Shownu's enlistment will begin on July 22nd.

South Korea's mandatory military service: And explanation

In South Korea, once a male turns 18 years of age, it is compulsory for them to complete military service for 18 months. They do not need to start immediately, but they must enlist by the time they reach the age of 28.

Recently, a bill was passed amending the Military Service Act of the country; this allowed K-POP stars, with the required level of contribution to South Korea's overall performance, to post-pone their enlistment till the age of 30.

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The move was made after the South Korean government took note of fellow K-POP boy group BTS' influence over the growth of the country's economy and image.

Certain exceptions to the military service enlistment are made for those who suffer from health conditions. Shownu, who suffers from a retinal detachment, will not be following the same path as a typical enlister; instead, he will complete a 3 week training program and then operate as a social worker until the end of his service.

Fans share tearful goodbyes and light-hearted memes to show support and brighten the mood

Monsta X fans (a.k.a Monbebes) were shocked at the sudden announcement but quickly recouped to send Shownu supportive messages and post light-hearted jokes in order to cheer each another up.

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Many joked about Shownu meeting fellow K-POP star Taemin (of SHINee) during his enlistment, as the former looks up to the latter.

Prior to this announcement, Shownu had announced his withdrawal from Monsta X's "One of a Kind" promotions in May 2021, due to his retinal injury.

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