#WENDY_OUT_SNL trends as fans of the Red Velvet singer demand her release from the SNL Korea cast

Tensions rise as Wendy's participation in the new season of SNL Korea is confirmed
Tensions rise as Wendy's participation in the new season of SNL Korea is confirmed

Fans of Wendy are not happy after her label SM Entertainment made an announcement regarding her future activities.

The K-POP singer is a part of Red Velvet, a girl group under SM Entertainment. They debuted in 2014 with their single titled "Happiness." Since then, they've released several albums and singles, finding paramount success internationally.

Their concept focuses on showing two sides of them through their music releases: the "Red" side, which is a fierce and concentrated side of them, and the "Velvet" side, representing their gentle and feminine side.

Fierce is how fans are expressing their feelings after Wendy was confirmed to be a regular cast member for the new season of SNL Korea.

Why are fans worried about Wendy? The controversy hidden behind SNL Korea's comedic front

SNL Korea is the Korean alternative to the American late-night show "Saturday Night Live." On the show, regular cast members (along with famous guests) perform comedic skits in front of a live audience.

ReVeluvs, or fans of Red Velvet, are extremely disappointed by the decision made to cast Wendy on the show as a regular member due to the past controversies the show has been through.

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In 2016, the SNL Korea cast uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of themselves along with their guests for that particular episode, K-POP band B1A4. The video was taken down soon after as fans called out the behavior displayed by the female staff of the show, allegedly touching the boy-band members inappropriately.

However, this was not the first time. Fans dug up previous uploads by the very own SNL Korea cast, where other artists were supposedly also sexually harassed, including BLOCK B and INFINITE.

Along with this, the show has also had a racially sensitive past, with members of the cast performing blackface in one of their skits to try to elicit laughter from their audience.

While the show ended in 2018 after the onslaught of the backlash it received, it's been reported that the new season approaching will be a revival with a new cast and fresh concepts.

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Red Velvet fans make demands, attempt to get Wendy off of the show

As soon as news of Wendy's addition to the main cast of the next season of SNL Korea was revealed, fans stormed Twitter to express their displeasure at the decision:

For the show's revival, Coupang Play, a new streaming service, will be hosting the show on its platform. The host from the previous seasons, Shin Dong Yup, will be reprising his role.

Both Wendy and SM Entertainment have yet to make a statement on the current issue.

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