What happened to Eduardo Valseca? Dateline NBC May 27 episode to revisit inhuman kidnapping case

A still from NBC Dateline's episode titled, 'The Ranch' (Image via NBC)
A still from NBC Dateline's episode titled, 'The Ranch' (Image via NBC)

Dateline NBC, the highly popular absorbing true-crime show, revisits the heart-wrenching kidnapping case of Eduardo Garcia Valseca on May 27 (Friday), 2022. The episode has been titled, 'The Ranch'.

The official description of the episode of Dateline NBC, given by NBC, writes:

"The Valseca siblings' lives are changed when their father is taken hostage in an orchestrated abduction. For the first time, they open up to Keith Morrison about their ordeal and its stunning conclusion."

The episode of Dateline NBC delves deep into the dreadful incident that rattled the life of the Valseca family and turned their lives upside-down. Without further delay, let's dive in to find out all about Eduardo Valseca and his terrifying abduction case as Dateline NBC explores it.

Know all about Eduardo Valseca as Dateline NBC explores his jaw-dropping kidnapping case

Who is Eduardo Valseca and what happened to him?

Eduardo Valseca, a family man from and father of three children, was the son of a newspaper magnate in Mexico. He was married to Jayne Rager before she passed away in 2012. He reportedly had a pretty normal and happy life with his wife and three children.

However, his life changed forever when he was abducted on June 13, 2007. The unfortunate and quite unimaginable incident took place when he and his wife Jayne were returning home after they dropped off their children at school. Reportedly, an unknown car was following them.

They were suddenly attacked after they stopped their car. One attacker grabbed Eduardo at gunpoint who also had a hammer with him, while another took Jayne by force at gunpoint. The kidnappers covered their faces and put them inside of an SUV.

Reportedly, the kidnappers left Jayne while taking her husband away from her. A note was reportedly left for her. In the note, the kidnappers informed Jayne that her husband had been kidnapped and gave her further instructions.

The terrible situation continued for several months. Reportedly, the kidnappers demanded $8 million initially, assuming Eduardo Valseca to be quite rich.

Reportedly, Jayne kept on receiving pictures of her husband being tortured for several months, and the negotiations between the kidnappers and Jayne went on for months as well. Eduardo Valseca was reportedly beaten, tortured and shot in the leg and arm.

Reportedly, the abductors finally agreed to make a deal that was under $1 million. Two trusted employees of the Valseca family reportedly carried out the job of giving the money to the kidnappers as per their instructions. Reportedly, one of the employees was kidnapped as well but released later on without any ransom.

Eduardo Valseca returned to his home approximately seven-and-a-half months later. The kidnappers reportedly left him some place, giving him some food and money so that he could find his way back home.

Eduardo reportedly had a walking problem and he also had a damaged liver. He weighed nearly 80 pounds at the time. He went through broken ribs along with severe bullet wounds as well.

Dateline's episode titled, 'The Ranch' is based on the terrifying kidnapping case of Eduardo Valseca (Image via Sportskeeda/Google)
Dateline's episode titled, 'The Ranch' is based on the terrifying kidnapping case of Eduardo Valseca (Image via Sportskeeda/Google)

It is safe to say that this is one of the most dreadful and terrifying kidnapping cases Dateline NBC has ever chronicled. The audience is bound to feel for the Valseca family as they will witness how that one terrible incident changed their lives forever.

Don't forget to watch the May 27 episode titled, 'The Ranch', of Dateline NBC.

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