What happened to Diren Dede? NBC's Dateline Weekend Mystery to break down German student's horrific garage killing

Dateline Weekend Mystery: Deadly Exchange will premiere on 7 may 7/8c on NBC(Image Via
Dateline Weekend Mystery: Deadly Exchange will premiere on 7 may 7/8c on NBC(Image Via
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NBC's Dateline has been a staple of the Peacock Network's primetime lineup for decades, sometimes airing multiple times per week. Dateline, NBC's TV show, is a news outlet that has been running for the longest time in the network's primetime history.

Dateline, which debuted in 1992, covers a wide range of topics, from mysteries to documentaries to in-depth investigations. Lester Holt is joined by correspondents Josh Mankiewicz, Andrea Canning, Natalie Morales, Keith Morrison and Dennis Murphy.

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With one of the episodes, Dateline Weekend Mystery: Deadly Exchange set to premiere on 7 May, 2022, 7/8c, let’s take a look into a German student's horrific garage killing.

Dateline Weekend Mystery: Who is Diren Dede?

Dede arrived in Montana in August 2013 as a junior at Big Sky High School. He was a member of the high school boys' soccer team as well as a local men's club soccer team, according to Missoula County Public Schools.

In April 2014, Diren Dede, 17, of Hamburg, Germany, died half a hour after being transported to the hospital from numerous gunshot wounds.

School district spokesman Hatton Littman said,

"The staff, the students, the families are shocked," "We all feel this is a great tragedy. I think people are just sitting with their grief right now."

Dede was staying with a host family in Missoula, and he had no indication of a prior criminal history, Littman said. Dede's father was a cab driver, his mother worked in a coffee shop. Dede, who is of Turkish descent, was raised in a working-class section of Hamburg.

So, what really happened to him?

Markus Hendrick Kaarma, 29, was charged with repeatedly firing his shotgun into his darkened garage, injuring Dede in the head and left arm. According to Janelle Pflager, Dede was found trespassing in the garage late in the night.

Kaarma's wife informed Missoula police that their home had been broken into twice in the last two weeks. In response, Pflager and Kaarma outfitted their garage with motion sensors and a live-streaming video baby monitor.

Pflager and Kaarma heard a sensor alarm just after midnight, indicating that someone was in the garage. Authorities claimed Pflager opened up footage from the CCTV monitor and saw a man in the garage.

Kaarma was accused of taking his shotgun, exiting the front door, and proceeding to the driveway in front of the garage, where his pickup truck was parked and the garage door was open. Pflager trailed close behind.


Kaarma told police he heard a noise that sounded like metal on metal coming from the shadowy garage and was terrified the intruder would exit the garage and attack him. He claimed he could not see into the garage and did not announce his intentions to shoot.

Pflager turned on the outdoor lights, making it increasingly harder to see inside, Kaarma alleged.

Kaarma further claimed that the entire incident took place with seven to eight seconds, with him firing all four shots in less than two seconds. Sgt. Travis Welsh of the Missoula Police Department said Dede was accompanied by another young male who was not present when police arrived.

Welsh said,

"He fled on foot when the shooting started and was subsequently located and interviewed,"

The teen, whose name was not disclosed, has not been charged with any criminal offense, but the case is still being investigated and charges may be made in the future, according to the sergeant.

Where is Kaarma now?


Although Kaarma claims he did it out of self defense, prosecutors alleged that he boasted about wanting to "shoot some kids" and left his garage door open, luring a thief. Dede was unarmed, and three witnesses at the trial stated that Kaarma had mentioned shooting someone.

The jury in Missoula convicted Kaarma of deliberate homicide. The sentencing was scheduled for Feb. 11, 2015, and he is facing a jail time of 70 years. Now, he is behind the bars, serving his sentence in Missoula County jail. Seemingly, Markus Kaarma will not be eligible for parole for at least 20 years.

Dateline Weekend Mystery: Deadly Exchange will premiere on 7 May, 2022, 8/7c on NBC.

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