What happened to Shanae Wesley? Murrieta mom's horror killing explored in Oxygen's Murdered by Morning

Murdered by Morning season 2 premiere will deal with Shanae Wesley's case (Image via Oxygen)
Murdered by Morning season 2 premiere will deal with Shanae Wesley's case (Image via Oxygen)

Oxygen's Murdered by Morning is all set to return with a second season on May 8, 2022. The true-crime show will begin with the 2012 case of heartless murder, assault, and arson against a young mother from the small town of Murrieta, California.

Murdered by Morning deals with cases where victims are unaware of the events from the night that would prove to be fatal to them. This time, the show will look into the bone-chilling details of 23-year-old single mother Shanae Wesley's murder. The victim met an unfortunate end after an innocent night out with her friend.

Before the episode dissects the fateful night and morning of the tragedy, here is a look at the victim and all the reported information from the case dating back ten years. The first episode of the second season is titled Where There's Smoke.

Who was Shanae Wesley?


Shanae Wesley was a single mother who resided in Murrieta, California, with her three-year-old son, Malakai. She went to nursing school at the time and worked two jobs to make ends meet.

After going out with a female friend on the night of October 30, 2012, her body was found in her burning apartment on Hancock Avenue by an off-duty fireman who lived upstairs. He also managed to rescue Wesley's young son.

Investigators soon learned that her death was not accidental. Wesley was allegedly assaulted and murdered before her apartment was set on fire as an act to cover up the crime. According to sources, she may have died of suffocation or strangulation, but because of her badly burnt body, a precise forensic outcome could not be achieved.

Shanae Wesley's son was treated at a local hospital and released in good condition.

What happened to Shanae Wesley the night before?


Shanae Wesley and her friend allegedly went out on the night of October 30 to Bull Pen Burgers and Links, a popular local establishment. There, Shanae met an acquaintance, who was accompanied by one of his friends, Marquise Denzell McGlown. Shanae did not know McGlown, who was also convicted of a burglary back in 2008.

Both men went to Shanae's apartment that night. But before leaving, McGlown had allegedly stolen her keys, which he later used to come back and enter Shanae's apartment. He went on to assault and murder her before setting the house on fire. He later escaped by stealing her car. The vehicle was later found in a Hemet parking lot close to Shanae's home, according to sources.

McGlown was arrested on November 2 for a parole violation, The Press-Enterprise reported. He was the prime suspect in Wesley's murder at the time. According to sources, he was charged with counts of murder, attempted murder, arson of an inhabited structure, and vehicle theft.

Murdered by Morning will explore the entire case in detail, and how the killer was caught. It will air on Sunday, May 7, 2022.

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