What happened to Wendy Williams Show’s official YouTube channel? Fans left furious after channel, website and Instagram page taken down

Wendy Williams fans are infuriated at the shows online and social media presence being deleted (image via Pinterest/Beverley Futch)
Wendy Williams fans are infuriated at the shows online and social media presence being deleted (image via Pinterest/Beverley Futch)
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Wendy Williams fans, who had just begun recovering from The Wendy Williams Show going off air after 13 years, have more disappointing news to deal with. It seems that the show's official YouTube channel and the website for Wendy Williams productions are no longer accessible.

The Wendy Williams Show's final episode aired mid-June without the host due to her health issues. Fans had hoped to find some solace in rewatching old clips of the iconic talk show after the show was discontinued. However, they were greeted with a rude shock when not only the show's YouTube channel and website but even its Instagram page were found to have been deleted.

So Wendy Williams had been put under a conservatorship and immediately after that "she" is looking to get another job after the cancellation of her successful show? Also what's up with her accounts being deleted? #freewendy #EndConservatorshipAbuse

Fans expressed their fury at show's former production company Debmar-Mercury.

According to some reports, domains such as ‘wendywilliamsproductions’ and ‘wendyshow,’ no longer direct users to their initial pages. The domains hosted official clips for the production company and the talk show, respectively.

Meanwhile, ‘Wendywilliamsproductions’ is listed as available under a Go Daddy auction, and ‘wendyshow’ shows a DNS error.

Unsurprisingly, die-hard fans of Wendy's have not taken to this news sportingly and have taken to Twitter to express their anger and disappointment. The fans are furious at the show's former production house, Debmar-Mercury, for erasing every trace of the show from the internet.

One fan complained that the production house should have atleast kept the show's social media platform available and called the act "colonizer behavior".

This is ERASURE of legacy and it’s part of the tactic used to silence and subjugate Wendy in a guardianship. This is colonizer behavior and it is repulsive. Whoever’s involved… you are disgusting. 🚮 @FOXTV @CBS #FreeWendy #InvestigateLoriSchiller #InvestigateBernieYoung…

Meanwhile, another fan accused them of trying to erase the talk show host's legacy, calling her YouTube channel their "last memory of her iconic talk show."

They are trying to erase Wendy Williams' legacy right in front of our eyes. They know her YouTube channel is our last memory of her iconic talk show. There is no good reason for her to delete her channel.
the wendy williams show’s youtube page has been deleted

One heartbroken fan went on to call the show's online presence removal a "hate crime."

No this is a hate crime?????…
I can’t believe they deleted the Wendy Williams show profile on YouTube. They just removed historic archive footage of a show that ran in 3 decades. Late 2000s, 2010s, and early 2020s. I can’t believe it. However you feel about Wendy, this is awful.
The Wendy Williams Show YouTube channel being deleted on the 4th of July is almost fitting. It’s the last straw of the current downfall of America. I’m in shambles.

Fans also said that they were unable to believe that the show's website and YouTube channel were taken down. One fan stated that deleting the YouTube channel removed a "massive stream of monetization for Wendy that she deserved."

Meanwhile, other fans said that taking down the channel didn't make sense to them.

Taking down the Wendy Williams Show’s YouTube channel is so disrespectful to her legacy and removes a massive stream of monetization for Wendy that she deserved
They are literally reading a black woman’s legacy. #WendyWilliamsShow it's pissing me off. Media and communications students should be able to watch Wendy Williams show from as fR back as her 1st week in 2008. It's not making sense why the youtube channel had to be taken down
Not them taking Wendy Williams YouTube channel down 😭 I’m sick
All of the #WendyWilliams social media platforms have been disabled except for Instagram — for now. I can’t believe the Wendy YouTube is gone. This isn’t right. The legendary #WendyAfterShow deserved to live forever.
THE DISRESPECT: The Wendy Williams Show’s Legacy Seems to Be Slowly Being Erased As It’s YouTube Channel & Social Media Accounts Are Terminated…

The co-presidents of the distribution team, Ira Bernstein and Mort Marcus, spoke to Variety about their working relationship with Williams. They said:

Other than her health, she could have continued to keep doing it as long as she wanted. She was still getting a rating and she has a die-hard audience that turned it into a profitable show.

They went on to say that with the move, they were "protecting the business" as they waited for her to return. At one point, they noted that they had to choose the business over waiting for her, though they did say that it was a "hard call.”

Wendy Williams reveals her future plans

The time-slot that was previously occupied by The Wendy Williams Show will be filled by Sherri Shepherd. Shepherd has appeared several times on TWWS as a guest host. Williams' health issues and her struggle with Graves' disease led to her absence during a major chunk of the 2021-22 season.

However, this is definitely not the end of the road for America's sweetheart, since she announced that she will revive her show as a podcast. She also said that she is open to making more appearances on talk shows and daytime shows.

Wendy Williams said in a statement:

"I've got enough money to do something else, and what I've never done — podcast, which, by the way, podcasts, everyone has. But when you're famous, podcasts will make more money for me, being famous, than doing The Wendy Williams Show."

Wendy is in no mood to sob over the demise of her prime-time talk show. Reports claim that she has even taken the iconic purple chair off the set and the chair will find a new place in her podcast.

Many are guessing that the podcast might start a YouTube channel of its own, but fans will have to wait and watch.

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