What is the TikTok princess peach filter? Distressing filter leaves netizens stunned

TikTok. (Photo via Dan Kitwood/Getty, @vaportality/Twitter)
TikTok. (Photo via Dan Kitwood/Getty, @vaportality/Twitter)

An explicit filter called the "princess peach" has been making rounds on the TikTok, making netizens stunned. The vibrant short-form video-sharing platform is not new to controversial filters, and the latest trend to join this is the "fav princess peach" which has raised several eyebrows on the internet.

The "Favorite Princess Peach" is a "Not Safe For Work" filter on TikTok and is derived from the Princess Peach character from the Mario video game franchise. This filter's intent is likely to startle or offend the user by presenting explicit content unexpectedly.


While using the filter, the user is presented with two Princess Peach images. The first image depicts her with one hand extended and an astonished expression, while the second image is a close-up of Princess Peach standing with her hands crossed.

To make a selection, users are instructed to incline their necks toward one of the images. Irrespective of which image the user selects, the other image turns into an explicit image of Princess Peach once the selection has been made.

Twitter reacts to Princess Peach filter on TikTok

After the explicit nature of the princess peach filter on TikTok went viral, Twitterati flocked to the latter and shared their disbelief. Several users could not believe that the filter was so freely available and branded it "wild." Others warned other users to not use this filter, with one even calling it "traumatizing."

Screenshot of a Twitter user remarking on the latest princess peach filter on TikTok.
Screenshot of a Twitter user remarking on the latest princess peach filter on TikTok.

The viral filter was tried by several users who were curious about it only to find out that it has been removed from TikTok. As per HITC, many content producers who took part in the offensive trend and even expressed their comments on it have said that the filter has now been "banned".

However, the princess peach is not the only filter available on TikTok which has managed to get past the social media platform's norms because of its explicit nature.

Other filters in the same manner as the Princess Peach filter featured photographs of Mario, Hello Kitty, Marvel's Incredible Hulk, Mr. Clean, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Several anime characters have also received explicit filters.

According to the social media platform's guidelines, nudity is strictly prohibited on the platform under all circumstances. Despite being merely a representation of the video game character, the image in question is in violation of the regulations set forth by the platform.

Aside from the Princess Peach filter, a few days back, a Chun-Li filter also made headlines for its explicit nature and was ultimately removed from the platform.

As per Dexerto, the street fighter character appears and forces the user to choose between the two options it presents.

But as some have discovered, once you make your first decision, things might go a little awry. Sometimes, before you've had a chance to fully develop your bracket, an explicit picture of Chun-Li will appear, which might get you into trouble.

Although the video-sharing platform has taken down the original filter and new clips can no longer be made, many of the previously uploaded videos are still accessible.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, TikTok has become one of the most successful sites in the world. Several celebrities and personalities have risen to fame by posting their videos on the platform.

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