What time will MasterChef Season 12 Episode 9 air on FOX? Release date and more details explored

Contestants to face a baking challenge in episode 9 of MasterChef season 12 airing on July 27 (Image via masterchefonfox)
Contestants to face a baking challenge in episode 9 of MasterChef season 12 airing on July 27 (Image via masterchefonfox)
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The upcoming episode of MasterChef 's season 12 will test the baking skills of the contestants. The top 15 contestants have to bake desserts to perfection given by the judges to get one step closer to winning the title of the cooking competition.

Episode 9 of the show will air on July 27, 2022 at 8 PM ET/PT. The episode description reads:

"Bake to Win: Each of the competitors is given a dessert from one chef to bake to perfection. Any less will result in the competitors being forced to go home."

About episode 9 of MasterChef Season 12

It is now a do-or-die situation for the contestants on MasterChef season 12. The upcoming episode will see the contestants undertaking one of the most dreaded challenges on the show – the baking challenge.

Baking is an art, and everything, from ingredient measurements to mixing and baking at the right temperature, plays a crucial role in baking a perfect dessert. One minor mistake can ruin the whole dessert, resulting in the elimination.

The contestants are well aware of the repercussions, which is why they are on their toes while performing this challenge. Masterchef contestant Michael even believes “baking challenges can send home even the best cook."

In the preview clip of the show, the contestants are seen doing their best to complete the task. Contestants are seen baking cakes, macaroons, pies, and tarts, among other desserts. Still, despite all the efforts, judge Gordon Ramsay tells one of the contestants that their performance has been the worst in the competition so far.

Contestants with the best desserts will remain in the competition, while the one with the least impressive dish will be eliminated from the show by judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Aaron Sanchez.

Shayne gets eliminated in episode 8 of MasterChef Season 12

In the last episode of MasterChef, viewers saw award-winning chef and Southern fusion restaurateur, Tiffany Derry, joining the judges in the kitchen. The episode, titled Southern Fusion, aired on July 20.

The contestants were challenged to cook fusion dishes in the last episode. Since Amanda won the immunity pin after winning the vegan dish challenge in episode 7, she did not compete in this round. Gordon and Tiffany demonstrated the fusion recipe for jerk spice fish and chips before informing the contestants about the challenge rules.

Gordon pulled out a globe with random flags inserted in it. The contestants had to draw a flag, telling the judges about their fusion country. Each contestant was given 60 minutes to cook their fusion dishes.

While some contestants were confused about turning their selected country dish into a Southern dish, others were confident about their fusion dishes.

After the time was up, judges called the contestants one by one to taste their fusion creation and decide who nailed the challenge.

After much deliberation, Christian was declared the winner of the fusion challenge. Meanwhile, Bowen, Bri and Shayne’s fusion dishes were placed in the bottom three. At last, 18-year old Shayne was ultimately eliminated from the show.

Which all dishes will impress the judges in the baking challenge, and which contestant will return home after failing to make a mark in the challenge? Find out the answer in the new episode of the cooking competition airing on Wednesday on Fox.

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