What time will Oxygen's Final Moments Season 1 Episode 6 air? Release date, plot and more details explored

Oxygen's promotional poster for Final Moments season 1 (Image via Oxygen)
Oxygen's promotional poster for Final Moments season 1 (Image via Oxygen)

This week's episode of Oxygen's Final Moments will show us the last moments of Willard Grandstaff's life. You can watch Episode 6 on April 24 at 7PM, only on NBC.

The series gives valuable insights into sensational cases, and also takes a peek at the investigation procedure. It gives viewers a detailed examination of the last moments of a victim's life by constructing a timeline of their interactions and behaviors with the help of archival footage, interviews, and research.

Here's everything viewers need to know about the upcoming episode of the true-crime series.

When is Episode 6 of Oxygen's Final Moments Season 1 expected to air?

Episode 6 of Oxygen's Final Moments is all set to air on April 24 at 7PM. You can watch it on the NBC channel. The series sees law enforcement solving a case methodically. They begin by dissecting the victim's final moments. Their final interactions, text messages and social media posts, coupled with surveillance footage, are used to build a timeline for clarity's sake.

The synopsis for the upcoming episode, titled A Convenient Crime, reads:

"While 24-year-old Willard Grandstaff toils away at his convenience store job, he dreams of what the future holds. But, on September 27, 2004, his standard overnight shift will be his last. Who killed Willard Grandstaff?"

Recap of Episode 5

The previous episode aired last Sunday, and featured the case of a missing North Carolina teenager, Danielle Locklear. She disappeared in 2014 leaving no trace behind. She was finally found in a river three weeks later, with cinder blocks tied around her body.

Danielle was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Je'Michael Malloy. The police found the same cinder blocks and rope used on Danielle in his garage. Danielle's cellphone was also found not far from his house. With sufficient proof available, the court prosecuted him for second-degree murder as it was classified a 'crime of passion.' Je'Michael's friend, Dominic Lock, helped him dispose of the body, and was also charged.

Je'Michael pleaded guilty in court and was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison,

About the true crime series

Earlier this month, Oxygen debuted the new original series, produced by Wolf Entertainment and Good Caper Content. Each hour-long episode of the series tracks a different investigation. According to Stephanie Steele of NBCUniversạl,

"The series dives deep into heartbreaking crimes through the lens of real footage, pictures and the social media of our victims, giving viewers direct insight into their last moments alive. It provides authentic investigative access that our viewers will love, in addition to a deeper emotional connection to our victims via the unforgettable final moments of their lives."

Catch Episode 6 of Oxygen's Final Moments on April 24 on NBC.

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