Where is Diamond Bradley's killer Richard Henderson? ID show See No Evil explores Illinois murder case

See No Evil's latest episode will focus on Diamond Bradley's tragic homicide. (Image via Facebook & IMDb)
See No Evil's latest episode will focus on Diamond Bradley's tragic homicide. (Image via Facebook & IMDb)

See No Evil's latest episode, In My Heart, I Knew, will focus on the mysterious case of Diamond Bradley and Richard Henderson. The true-crime episode is set to premiere on Investigation Discovery tonight at 9/8c.

The episode will focus on sixteen-year-old Diamond, who mysteriously vanishes in 2018. When detectives and the police conduct a search for her, they hope to discover clues about her whereabouts from the surveillance footage.

But what they come across leads to a terrifying discovery - the teenager was stabbed multiple times and dumped in a roadside ditch by an older man named Richard Henderson.

Let's get into the details of Diamond Bradley's killer, the nature of his crime, and his present whereabouts.

Who is Diamond Bradley's killer Richard Henderson and where is he now?

Richard Henderson, the criminal hailing from Illinois, was found guilty and sentenced to a long tenure of imprisonment for the murder of Diamond Bradley. After being charged with killing a 16-year-old Spring Valley girl in January 2018, he pled guilty to homicide charges in Putnam County Court. He was sentenced to 53 years in prison and is currently serving his term.

In 2018, Putnam County Sheriff Kevin Doyle told reporters that detectives suspected Henderson had killed Diamond after the two met online at a press conference. Diamond allegedly agreed to see him on the morning of January 24, 2018.

According to Doyle, Richard went to Bradley's house between 6 and 7 a.m., picked her up, and then drove her to Granville Township, roughly 100 miles southwest of Chicago. They got into a heated argument and began fighting before Henderson stabbed the child numerous times and eventually killed her.

According to Doyle, the defendant reportedly dumped the body in a ditch along a country road about 100 miles southwest of Chicago. Diamond went missing on January 24, 2018. A passerby discovered her mutilated body by that roadside ditch on Putnam County Road on January 27, 2018.

Police officers traced Bradley's cellphone records and analyzed surveillance video footage, leading to Richard being arrested for first-degree murder. Instead of going to a bench trial with Judge Stephen, he requested a bargain. The Bradleys, seeing no other option, consented to the plea bargain.

Doris Bradley, Diamond's mother, testified regarding the impact the murder has had on her family. She relocated to Illinois Valley to provide her children with a better life, but she said that the dream had taken a backseat and that her family no longer wanted to remain there because of the traumatic memories.

“I have two other children, 14 and 11, and they can’t sleep at night. I can’t work the way I used to, and we’re all just trying to get through this so we can get on with our lives. Diamond was my everything. My house is so quiet, she was everything to us, and now it’s all been taken away from us.”

Richard Henderson is currently being put behind bars, where he will be incarcerated for many more years to come.

Don't forget to catch See No Evil's latest episode on ID tonight at 9/8c.

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