Where was Netflix’s Queen Cleopatra shot? Filming locations explored

A still from Queen Cleopatra (Image via Netflix)
A still from Queen Cleopatra (Image via Netflix)

Netflix's Queen Cleopatra has almost instantaneously established itself as a topic of discussion right after its release on May 10, 2023. Following the journey of the Egyptian Queen, who is regarded as one of the finest rulers of the era, this Netflix docudrama focuses on the ruling years of the last Pharaoh of Egypt between 51 and 30 BC. The series has already garnered both positive and negative attention.

The trailer for Queen Cleopatra was enough to draw the critical eyes of the Egyptians, who accused Netflix of appropriating their culture and rewriting their history by making Cleopatra Black. Cleopatra is portrayed by biracial British actor Adele James.


Apart from the racial debates, issues of cultural appropriation, and historic accuracy, the story of Cleopatra has been well-worked by Netflix's Queen Cleopatra. As she was the Queen of Egypt's Ptolemaic dynasty, the location of the docuseries is of utmost importance. And it is also quite brilliant how well they have been used in this four-episode series.

Queen Cleopatra filming locations: Ouarzazate, Valley of Kings, and more

Ouarzazate, Morocco

Queen Cleopatra was mainly shot in Ouarzazate, Morocco, which houses the Atlas Studios, one of the most popular Hollywood locations for shooting ancient or period dramas. Films like The Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven were shot in this popular studio. It was also used in TV shows like Game of Thrones.

Most scenes of the new docudrama were shot here, with only a few exceptions. This set provided almost everything required out of a location resembling ancient Egypt. It already housed the production of the 1999 mini-series, Cleopatra, and hence had all the sufficient material.

According to multiple reports, this studio served as the ground for all the indoor scenes while most outdoor scenes were shot in another location in Morocco.

Valley of Kings and the Giza Necropolis

As the story of Cleopatra centered around legendary Egypt, it also utilized some historic locations in the country that were part of the real stories. Among these, the Valley of Kings and the Giza Necropolis are two ancient landmarks that were used in the shooting of Netflix's Queen Cleopatra.

The Valley of the Kings, also known as the Valley of the Gates of the Kings, is a valley in Egypt where the tombs of royals were excavated. It remains one of the more prominent locations for tourists. The Giza Pyramid complex, meanwhile, is one of the most recognizable locations in Egypt. It is not only a historically significant landmark but also one of modern Egypt's best-known tourist attractions.

Queen Cleopatra is a part of Netflix's African Queens, a new documentary series from executive producer Jada Pinkett Smith. The series is also narrated by Smith. The first season of African Queens followed 17th-century warrior Queen Njinga.

The four-part series follows Cleopatra's legacy and her rule, which has been subjected to many interpretations over the years.

The series is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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