Where to watch 'Doctor Who' Season 13? Release date, trailer and all about the iconic series

BBC's official poster for Doctor Who Season 13 (Image via BBC)
BBC's official poster for Doctor Who Season 13 (Image via BBC)

This year's Halloween is extra special as the long-running BBC series Doctor Who will premiere its latest season.

Titled Doctor Who: Flux, the upcoming season will consist of only six episodes, offering a new format for the series, also telling an overarching story on a massive scale. Like the basic plot of the series, the upcoming season will continue the ongoing storyline exploring the Doctor's past and the Timeless Child.

Here's everything viewers need to know about BBC's Doctor Who Season 13.

When will 'Doctor Who' Season 13 release?

Season 13 of Doctor Who is set to release on October 31 on BBC One, BBC America and BBC iPlayer, with episodes releasing weekly on Sundays and the final episode on December 5. The series is also projected to have three more special airings in early 2022, and each of the six episodes in this season will connect to a larger story.

The upcoming season will be produced by Chris Chibnall and will focus on The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and Yaz (Mandip Gill) encountering two new companions.

The official synopsis for Doctor Who Season 13 reads:

"Since their last epic battle in Revolution of the Daleks, the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and Yaz (Mandip Gill) have been exploring the universe together but with the Doctor now questioning everything about her past there, she will undoubtedly be searching for answers. Series 13 is set to introduce some terrifying new adversaries."

'Doctor Who' Season 13 trailer


The teaser for Doctor Who Season 13 was released three months ago, and its official trailer dropped last week on YouTube. The trailer revealed Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill reprising their roles as The Doctor and Yazmin Khan after Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole exited at the end of season 12.

Some brand-new faces can also be seen, like John Bishop, Jacob Anderson, Craig Parkinson, Blake Harrison, Annabel Scholey, Robert Bathurst and Sara Powell as cast members. While fans await a resolution to Doctor Who series 12's cliffhanger, it's not clear if that will be answered this season or not.

This upcoming season of Doctor Who will be Jodie Whittaker's last season as the iconic sci-fi character. She steps away from the series alongside producer Chris Chibnall, who is also bidding farewell to the series.

What to expect in 'Doctor Who' Season 13?

With the latest season approaching, certain revelations in season 12's finale are likely to be picked up this season itself, especially after the Doctor mentions the issue of her being from another dimension and her countless lifetimes in the 2021 festive special Revolution of the Daleks.

John Bishop will be seen as the new companion Dan Lewis, who is also set to play as the lead in the series going forward, hinting at significant storyline changes. As for the monsters, it has been confirmed that the Weeping Angels and the Sontarans will be back alongside The Ravagers and the titular Flux itself. The Cybermen and the Ood will also be joining the action along with the Daleks.

BBC's Doctor Who Season 13 (Image via BBC)
BBC's Doctor Who Season 13 (Image via BBC)

The main characters will also focus on themselves this season, with the Doctor investigating her past self and understanding what missions she completed for the Division or where she came from in the first place. Yaz will continue to deal with her former mental health issues.

Doctor Who's executive producer Matt Strevens stated:

β€œI can’t wait for the audience to come on the Flux ride with us. It’s our biggest adventure yet with so many brilliant new characters to fall in love with. We had a blast making it.”

Catch the latest season of Doctor Who on October 31 on BBC One, BBC America and BBC iPlayer with episodes released weekly.

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