Who Dies in Stranger Things 4?

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Stranger Things Season 4 saw the deaths of Chrissy Cunnigham, Fred Benson, Agent Harmon, Patrick McKinney, Dr. Brenner, Eddie Munson, and Jason Carver. Technically, Max Mayfield also died, but was revived with the help of Eleven.

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Stranger Things Season 4 was divided into two volumes. Netflix released the first volume containing 7 episodes on May 27, 2022, and the second volume with 2 episodes was released on July 1, 2022. The fourth season of the science fiction series was a massive hit for the streaming giant, not only among the masses but also among the critics. The series went on to win five Emmy Awards.

Chrissy Cunningham

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Chrissy Cunningham was a student at Hawkins High School. She died in the first episode of Stranger Things Season 4 in Eddie’s trailer and was also the first victim of Vecna.

Fred Benson

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Fred Benson was a colleague of Nancy Wheeler at The Weekly Streak and a former high-schooler at Hawkins High School. He partnered with Nancy to investigate the killing of Chrissy and turned into Vecna’s second victim.

Agent Harmon

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Agent Harmon worked for Dr. Sam Owens and was assigned to protect Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, and Jonathan Byers with his partner Agent Wallace. He was killed by US Army Lt. Colonel Sullivan’s soldiers. He died heroically as he only died after killing several of Sullivan’s men.

Patrick McKinney

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Patrick McKinney was part of the basketball team at Hawkins High School. He ended up becoming Vecna’s third victim and was killed at Lover’s Lake.

Dr. Brenner, aka Papa

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Dr. Martin Brenner was one of the main antagonists in season 1. Eleven called him Papa because he raised her along with other children in Hawkins Lab as test subjects. He was killed in the fourth season as he was shot multiple times by snipers.

Eddie Munson

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Eddie Munson was a fan-favorite character of season 4, whose death shocked and saddened many of the fans. He sacrificed himself for his friends, especially Dustin, as he took on the whole swarm of Demobats in the Upside Down.

Max Mayfield (Revived)

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Max was supposed to be the last victim of Vecna, and she technically died in the final episode of season 4. However, Eleven was able to revive Max using her powers. In the final scene, she is seen as unconscious and barely alive in the hospital, but Eleven is unable to find her in the void.

Jason Carver

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Jason Carver was a popular basketball player on the Hawkins High School team, who was also a bully. His death was extremely gory as his body was ripped into two when the ground split beneath him.


How did Eleven revive Max?

Max technically died, briefly, but Eleven used all her power to get her heart to start beating again. 

How does Stranger Things 4 end?

Stranger Things Season 4 ends with Eddie getting killed while distracting the Demobats, Vecna getting defeated by Nancy’s crew in the physical world and in Max’s mind by Eleven, and Max being barely alive in the hospital. 

Does Nancy die in Stranger Things 4?

No, Nancy did not die in Stranger Things Season 4. In the end, she defeats Vecna and her crew lights up his physical body.

Did Vecna die in Stranger Things 4?

No, Vecna did not die in Stranger Things 4, as confirmed by Will Byers in the finale episode. 

When will Stranger Things 5 release?

The season five of Stranger Things will most probably be released by mid 2025.