Who is drewboi? All you need to know about the recently debuted South Korean artist

South Korean soloist, drewboi (Image via Instagram/@_drewboi)
South Korean soloist, drewboi (Image via Instagram/@_drewboi)

On August 6, 2023, Antenna Music debuted another talented South Korean soloist, drewboi. Originally named Park Jong-hyuk, the 2004 liner artist has already taken over the internet with his first release, Sunday. While his debut and song release was pretty much low-profiled, his popularity peaked after the famous South Korean influencer Erica Ha collaborated with him during her recent vlog.

Following the same, fans rushed to stream his single and showed their support and love for the newcomer. drewboi is just starting his career, and people can hardly wait to see what the future holds for him.

All you need to know about the recently debuted South Korean soloist, drewboi

Park Jong-hyuk, or drewboi, was born on April 28, 2004, which makes him Taurus. The idol was born and brought up in Korea; however, he's known to be fluent in Korean and English. Before debuting through Antenna Music, he was actively posting his covers of various artists on his YouTube Channel.


He took his career a step ahead by signing an exclusive contract with the reputed South Korean Entertainment agency Antenna Music on July 28, 2023. The agency is a famous record label owned by the member, You Hee-yeol, of the project group Toy. Its kickstart in 1997 has slowly grown to house several impressive soloists like Sam Kim, Mijoo, and Lee Hyori.

With drewboi's addition to the list, netizens naturally grew curious about the artist. His charming vocals resonated through his solo debut single, Sunday. Jong-hyuk also plays the guitar quite proficiently and possesses remarkable dancing skills. Apart from being a singer and songwriter, the artist is also a producer.

Another fact about drewboi is that he currently has four tattoos - a spider web on his right elbow, a palm tree on his right forearm with the words "BEACHES" written above it, and a snowflake at the back of his right arm.

Erica Ha's recent vlog drew public eyes to drewboi

On Monday, August 21, Erica Ha uploaded a video titled HANGING OUT WITH A KPOP TRAINEE, where she hung out with drewboi at the Antenna Music Entertainment building. She went to the agency with her sisters, and Park Jong-hyuk showed them around the building's first basement, where he practices and makes music.


He revealed that he trained for about two years before his debut, sharing how tough and lonely it can be to work as a soloist. Erica further asked him questions that she was curious about when it comes to Korean artists and their training period, which he elaborately answered.

The four of them sang along to his debut single, Sunday, after which they played around the studio and engaged in a fun game of the 'lie detector test.' Before they wrapped up the video, they went to a cafe to get some drinks and desserts. They stopped at a photo booth, where they clicked some fun photographs.

Following the video, fans swarmed to listen to his music and interact with the artist. With a decent kickstart to his career as a soloist, fans can hardly wait to see how his musical journey unfolds in the future.

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