Five underrated K-pop songs by soloists in 2022: How many do you know? 

Amber Liu and Jackson Wang (Image via Twitter/@amberliu/@jacksonWang852)
Amber Liu and Jackson Wang (Image via Twitter/@amberliu/@jacksonWang852)

Nothing is more joyous than discovering an underrated K-pop song. The boost of serotonin one gets after exploring the less-talked-about artists, and their art is incredible.

Underrated K-pop songs are like sacred gems for music enthusiasts. They enjoy these beautiful masterpieces to the fullest. Some of them have the potential to become party anthems, while others can perform splendidly on charts.

Moreover, the hard work and dedication artists put into their songs are often not recognized enough. From endless brainstorming sessions to executing plans, the process is filled with hurdles. Therefore, appreciation is the least viewers can award to credit underrated K-pop songs.

Let's look at some of the underrated K-pop songs by soloists in 2022.

Five underrated K-pop songs by soloists to spice up your playlist

1) Cruel by Jackson Wang


Released on July 29, 2022, Cruel by Jackson Wang is one of the most underrated songs of 2022. Though a 13 million view count might be a good indicator of success, the track is much more than that.

With a well-executed concept, Cruel leaves its viewers in awe. The chemistry between Jackson Wang and Bailey Sok in the latter part of the video is phenomenal. The pop-rock number is addictive, and one should listen to this underrated K-pop song.

2) Easier by Amber Liu


Amber Liu released Easier as part of her fourth Extended Play (EP), Z!, on March 2, 2022. The album is quite underrated, as tracks like Paradise and Bad Decisions deserve a better reception.

Easier offers valuable insight into the emotional turbulence one faces in their life. It gives hope to everyone struggling through immense pain and heartbreak. This underrated K-pop song also features Jackson Wang.

3) Voyager by Kihyun


The MONSTA X member Kihyun made his solo debut on March 15, 2022, with the album Voyager including the release of the title track of the same. The three-track album peaked at number 6 on the monthly edition of The Circle Chart (Goan).

Even with several titles to his name, such as 'K in K-pop' and 'Vocal God,' Kihyun's Voyager did not get the reception it is worthy of. This is surprising as the song has a fun and groovy element to it.



Released as the lead single for her debut Extended Play (EP) Rec, PLAY premiered on January 18, 2022. The crooner of this underrated K-pop song, Choi Yu-na, also known as Yuju, was part of the six-member band GFRIEND till its disbandment in May 2021.

PLAY has a certain calm and serene energy to it. Its concept is exciting and will hook you. The dance-pop number conveys one's feelings after the end of a relationship, and the lyrics reflect them perfectly. Yuju's mesmerizing and beautiful visuals in the music video are a show-stopper.

5) Drive by Miyeon


The (G)-IDLE member, Miyeon, made her solo debut with the EP, My, on April 27, 2022, which included the lead single Drive. Also known as Choi Mi-yeon, the artist has starred in K-dramas such as My Bucket List and Adult Trainee.

The track is about moving forward, irrespective of how hard things get. Donning a luxurious ballgown and wandering inside a lavish mansion, Miyeon makes her audience feel several emotions throughout the song. Drive is one of the most underrated K-pop songs of 2022, and the talented artist deserves a positive response.

K-pop soloists have significantly contributed to the South Korean music industry, but their talent remains underappreciated. With solo artists using social media to promote their work, people are now beginning to recognize their worth as brilliant artists. Some K-pop soloists blasted the charts in 2022, showcasing their skills and talent.

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