10 K-pop songs that went viral on TikTok

BTS, BLACKPINK, Lisa, AGUST D, Zico (Image via their official accounts and Canva)
BTS, BLACKPINK, Lisa, AGUST D, Zico (Image via their official accounts and Canva)

With the explosion of BTS in the global music industry, people are increasingly becoming familiar with K-pop music. More social media edits are being made using K-pop music in the background.

TikTok is a social media platform that has seen a rise in popularity due to its short-video format. People upload a variety of cooking, beauty, and art content with catchy background music. Usually, songs that go viral on TikTok end up doing well commercially on musical platforms such as Spotify and the Billboard charts as well.

Various dance trends using K-pop songs have gotten popular in recent times. This helps increase the exposure of K-pop artists to apprehensive listeners.

10 TikTok famous K-pop songs

1) Blood Sweat and Tears

BTS' sultry 2016 track Blood Sweat and Tears saw a recent rise in popularity when a sped-up snippet of the song was used for a new dance trend. Many celebrities and influencers like Charli D' Amelio, Raven Symone, Whoopi Goldberg, and more have also joined in on the fun.

Since the success of the original song, various remixes of Blood Sweat and Tears with other songs such as Doja Cat's Streets and Woman have also received quite a bit of attention on TikTok.


MONEY was Lisa's b-side track that went viral overnight when a remix version was used for the Squid Game edit. Squid Game had been slowly gaining popularity amongst the general public due to its unique concept and hence was already gaining traction. As the edit with MONEY as the background went viral, luckily for Lisa, so did the song.

Seeing the increase in recognition of the b-side track, dance challenges started using MONEY, which also gained decent popularity.

3) Any Song

Block B's Zico released Any Song, a fresh hip-hop title track for his album Random Box. The song became one of the first dance challenges to become popular in South Korea. Zico was seen performing this challenge with various other idols and celebrities, and many more joined in by themselves after seeing the widespread popularity of the song in South Korea.

4) Daechwita

SUGA of BTS released Daechwita as part of his mixtape D-2 under his alias Agust D. The track soon caught the fancy of the anime fans on TikTok, who started using the hook as the background music in their point of view videos where they would show how they'd look as certain anime characters. This caused the song to go viral and rise up on the Global Spotify chart.

5) Anti-Romantic

Anti-Romantic by K-pop group TXT went viral when the TikTok account @irenedoll created a small choreography for the song. It was fresh and cute, which led to many others copying the same dance, turning it into a trend.

Due to this, the popularity of the song increased multi-fold, almost more than the lead single 0X1=Lovesong (I Know I Love You), which was part of the same album.

6) I Like It

BTS' song I Like It also recently saw an increase in traction when a dance challenge was created using a mash-up of the chorus and a scream audio. The moves include groovy footwork which matches the smooth beats perfectly, and in no time the trend went viral with many well-known accounts doing the challenge on their pages.

7) Pretty Savage

K-pop girl group BLACKPINK's song Pretty Savage had its moment in the sun when different parts of the song went viral on TikTok. Initially, a dance challenge was created with the slowed down dance-break portion of the song. However, later on, the chorus became quite popular as well on the social media platform, just as a background track to add to any video, especially make-up transition videos.

8) Dolphin

K-pop group OH MY GIRL's song Dolphin was already popular in South Korea, however, OH MY GIRL's Arin and TXT's Soobin's performance of the same song on KBS' Music Bank elevated the song's popularity to newer heights.

Soon after their performance, TikTok videos of people copying the hook-step of the song started pouring in. The catchy tune of the song with the adorable and easy choreography really struck a chord with the people.

9) Permission To Dance

BTS' Permission To Dance was released to provide hope and comfort during the pandemic. It talks of a brighter future one can look forward to. This happy-go-lucky song was used by various healthcare professionals in their TikTok videos to propagate the same message. It also had its own dance challenge.

Later, the song went viral on other short-video platforms such as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts as a popular background track for videos.


ITZY's WANNABE went viral on TikTok because of Ryujin's iconic shoulder dance. Though it might look easy on her, those who attempted the choreography found themselves in hot water once they took on the challenge.

Mesmerized by the moves, everyone had their own take on the shoulder dance challenge, making the song very popular on the platform.

TikTok, in this age of fast media consumption, is probably the best and worst thing to happen to the music industry. Currently, the majority of the artists, K-pop idols included, are looking to go viral on this platform as that will ensure immediate success, albeit short-lived.

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