Who is Jamie Lee Curtis' son? All about her children as "Halloween" star reveals her younger child as transgender

Jamie Lee Curtis, who recently revealed that her youngest child is a transgender. (Image via Open Magazine)
Jamie Lee Curtis, who recently revealed that her youngest child is a transgender. (Image via Open Magazine)

Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis recently revealed that her youngest child is transgender. In an interview with AARP Magazine, Curtis said that she and her husband Christopher Guest felt proud as their son became their daughter Ruby.

Ruby was previously known as Thomas. Curtis said that Ruby and her fiancé are getting married in 2022. Curtis and Guest have no grandchildren for now but they hope to have one day. Curtis’ child’s transition helped her to understand that gender is never fixed, and so she has dismissed her old idea.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Ruby once went viral after cosplaying on the red carpet a few years ago. The popular actress spoke up about her addiction to painkillers and alcohol. She said that getting sober has been her best accomplishment. She celebrated her sobriety in February 2021 through an Instagram post.


Children of Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis has done her best as an actress and is even a good mother to her children. Curtis married Christopher Guest in 1984 and adopted two children, Annie and Thomas. She had once said that adoption was the only way for them to have a family.

The actress stated that motherhood has changed everything in her life. When she started acting, she never assumed she would have a child. After she became a mother, she made all her decisions while keeping her children in mind and chose her roles carefully.

Curtis’s daughter Arnie Guest was born in 1986. She did not follow the path of acting like her mother. She is currently a successful dance instructor and a team director at the MNR dance factory in Los Angeles. Arnie started teaching when she was 16 years old and has a degree in dance from Kenyon College.


Jamie’s youngest child, Thomas Guest, now known as Ruby, was born in 1996. As mentioned earlier, it was revealed by Curtis that she is transgender. Ruby is currently a computer gaming editor.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been a recipient of several awards that include a BAFTA Award and two Golden Globe Awards. She made her debut as Laurie Strode in the popular independent slasher film Halloween in 1978. Curtis reprised her role in 2018’s Halloween and will appear in upcoming sequels, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

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