Who was Lee Jihan? Tributes pour in as Produce 101 star and K-Pop singer dies in Itaewon crowd crush

Korean actor and singer Lee Jihan was among the 153 killed on Saturday. (Images via Twitter / @littlemisskwon and @hanosheeglobal)
Korean actor and singer Lee Jihan was among the 153 killed on Saturday. (Images via Twitter/@littlemisskwon and @hanosheeglobal)

Korean actor-singer Lee Jihan was among the 153 people who died in a crowd crush on Sunday in Itaewon, South Korea. He was 24. Agencies 935 Entertainment and 9AtoEntertainment, which represented the star, confirmed the news on October 30.

In a statement, 935 Entertainment said,

“We are sad to deliver such news today, but Lee Jihan has passed away in the crush in Itaewon last night. We would like to express our deepest condolences to his family, who are saddened by the sudden tragic news, also to everyone who loved him.”

The agency further added:

“A precious family actor Lee Ji-Han has become a star in the sky and has left us. Please take the last path of the actor Lee Ji-han, who left us too quickly. I hope you will see it warmly.”

Lee Jihan appeared in the 2019 drama Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day

[not related to Han Sohee]Rest in love, Lee Jihan🥀He was “Produce 101 Season 2" Contestant” but now an actor and a family member of 935 Entertainment and 9Ato Entertainment.

Lee Jihan gained prominence in the Korean entertainment industry as a participant in season 2 of the Korean singing competition Produce 101. The show features 101 contestants who are looking for a chance to join an 11-member K-pop group.

At the time, Jihan was represented by Pan Entertainment as a K-pop trainee. He auditioned for the show with a cover of EXO’s Overdose and was also part of a group performance which sang Infinite’s Be Mine. Jihan was eliminated in the fifth episode.

Following the show, Jihan left Pan and worked with Widmay Entertainment. In 2019, Lee Jihan made his way into acting, making an appearance in the Korean drama series titled Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day.

Tributes pour in for Lee Jihan

Former Produce 101 contestants Park Heeseok and Kim Dohyun took to Instagram to pay tribute to their former castmate. They also shared Jihan's funeral information. Fans have also posted their condolences after the young actor’s death. Korean artists including Psy and Enhypen have also expressed their condolences.

Actor and former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant LEE JI HAN has been revealed to have passed away during this weekend’s Itaewon tragedy in South Korea! 🥺He's only 24 years old 💔Rest in peace, Jihan. You will be missed. 🥺🙏🏼#LeeJihan #RIP #prayforitaewon
Actor Lee jihan from 'produce 2'... passed away in the itaewon disaster ... at the age of 24 💔🤧very scary nd tragic nightMy sincere condolences to his family🙏🕊 💔#Itaewon #prayforitaewon#Seoul #SeoulStampede #Halloween
PRAY FOR ITAEWON!! When i first heard this news, it broke my heart!! RIP to LEE JIHAN and all the precious lives that was lost during the tragedy!! My deepest condolences to all their families and friends!! RIP 😭😭
Rest in peace beautiful Lee Jihan 🥺 May God put you in the most beautiful place. Can’t imagine his family and friends pain. 🥀Kokdu was his last drama, it's so heartbreaking 💔…
RIP to Lee Jihan from Produce 101, he is one of them idol who has died in the Itaewon Stampede, May your soul rest in peace and you are the most amazing and beautiful person, we love you so much ❤️🙏🏼
actor Lee Jihan, who also contestant in Produce101S2, passed away yesterday,Oct 29th as one of casualties victim from Itaewon Incident.Close colleagues BaekHeeseok and KimDohyun share the mourning news through their respectiveSNSRest In Peace #PrayForSouthKorea #prayforitaewon

What happened in Itaewon on Saturday?

We lost 151 people a few hours ago in Seoul. Over 80 were injured. Thousands have been reported missing, Most of those killed or injured were under thirty years old. An estimated 100,000 people were celebrating Halloween in Itaewon. I cannot imagine the heartbreak and despair.

Itaewon is popular for its Halloween festivities, attracting people from around the world every year. On Saturday, thousands gathered on the streets of Itaewon to celebrate Halloween. The overwhelming crowd led to panic and a fatal crowd surge, claiming the lives of at least 153 people. CNN cited authorities who noted that the casualties were mostly young, with victims in their teens and early 20s.

The report further noted that it took some time for people to realize something was wrong, as people's panicked screams were muffled by music blaring from surrounding clubs and bars. Adding to the chaos were thousands of people in Halloween costumes, making it difficult for police officers to get to the people who needed help.

Around 153 people were killed and over 80 injured at the Itaewon crowd surge on Sunday. (Image via Getty)
Around 153 people were killed and over 80 injured at the Itaewon crowd surge on Sunday. (Image via Getty)

The celebrations took place in the region after two years as all activities were halted due to COVID-19 restrictions. As per reports, over 80 people have been injured in the incident.

Meanwhile, the Korean government has announced a period of national mourning until November 5. Various K-pop music releases and events have also been canceled or rescheduled after the tragedy.

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