Who is Melanie Hamrick? All about Mick Jagger's girlfriend as she shares rare picture with their four-year-old son

Melanie Hamrick, who recently shared pictures of her four-year-old son (Image via British GQ)
Melanie Hamrick, who recently shared pictures of her four-year-old son (Image via British GQ)
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Melanie Hamrick recently shared a photo on Instagram on July 17th for her 34th birthday. It featured her boyfriend, Mick Jagger, along with their four-year-old son, Deveraux. Melanie and Jagger stood side by side and embraced while she was kissing his cheek.

Deveraux was standing between his parents, hugging Mick Jagger’s legs and holding his hand. The caption reads:

“Feeling all the love today. Thank you everyone for the wonderful messages.”

Melanie Hamrick’s followers showered a lot of love on her birthday and for the family, including Mick Jagger’s ex, Luciana Gimenez Morad. She wished Melanie a happy birthday in her comment.

Who is Melanie Hamrick?

Melanie Hamrick is a talented ballet dancer who joined the American Ballet Theatre and became a popular associate.

The popular choreographer gave birth to a baby boy in 2016 and continued her ballet career a few months after her delivery. But ballet became a second priority after her son’s birth.

Born in 1987 in Williamsburg, Virginia, Melanie Hamrick’s father, John Hamrick, was a director at an engineering firm. He passed away in 2015.

The ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre has two younger siblings, Chris Hamrick and Rachel Hamrick.

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She took her first ballet lessons at the Eastern Virginia School for the Performing Arts. Hamrick then went to Washington D.C. and attended the Kirov Academy of Ballet for five years.

Melanie Hamrick was first a professional ballet dancer at the School of American Ballet. She was a part of the institution for several years and then joined the American Ballet Theatre in 2003.

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The star got her first dance contract when she was 18 and then performed in many ballet routines for American Ballet Theatre. She played the lead role in “Dark Elegies.”

Melanie Hamrick uses the Refine Method while training, and it helps the dancers train with plyometric and strengthening exercises.

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