Jeff Wittek's editor apologizes after the N-word crops up during his reaction stream to Ethan Klein's recent comments

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Jeff Wittek started off his journey as an internet influencer through Vine, he then took to creating his own YouTube channel in 2011 and has also been appearing in David Dobrik’s vlogs since 2018.

In his latest podcast episode Jeff FM, he showed the “n” word along with the hard hitting “r” in the end. Wittek was reacting to an H3 podcast episode where the end of the Frenemies podcast by Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein was being announced.

Once Wittek was exposed, his editor/producer Oscar took to Twitter owning up to his mistakes. He said:

“I’m Jeff’s editor and help produce the podcast. I was doing research for a clip and when I presented it to Jeff he didn’t want to include it. I can see how this can look out of context so I apologize to anyone I offended.”

Fans were quick to call out that it still does not hold as an excuse for using the racial slur.

Endless feud between Jeff Wittek and Ethan Klein

Jeff Wittek has been quarreling with Trisha Paytas since Paytas left the Vlog Squad. Paytas had taken to her YouTube channel “exposing” the popular Vlog Squad members.

Wittek commented on the Frenemies podcast ending in a nonchalant manner, claiming that the podcast got canceled “over pizza and finances.” He also exclaimed that the two podcast hosts were “toxic” for each other.


Ethan Klein and his wife Hila, clapped back at Wittek in their H3 Afterdark podcast episode, "James Charles Returns & Baby Update.” In the middle of the episode, Ethan Klein had a lot to say about Wittek’s response to Frenemies ending:

“The fact that you are energetically aligned with David Dobrik right now, yeah you can’t be saying oh ‘that’s content’. Dude stop. Your friend David Dobrik filmed someone getting assaulted.”

Ethan Klein agreed to the toxicity between Trisha and him but called out the situation for being ironic. He also fired at Wittek for “threatening” Trisha Paytas on Twitter, where Wittek had “warned” Trisha to not start feuding with him.

Jeff Wittek’s ‘Rat Exterminator’ merchandise

Jeff Wittek released his new merchandise and branded it as “the rat exterminator company (of) Wittek.” Ethan Klein assumed the dig was made towards him and Trisha Paytas. He took to the H3 Afterdark podcast saying-

“Jeff, you are a such a giant p***y. You have not exterminated anything but your own f**cking career.”

He also called out Jeff Wittek for returning to people who cause him harm because “he needed the clout.” Ethan Klein took to Twitter apologizing to Wittek after he realized the merchandise was made in no reference to him.

Jeff Wittek did not comment on mistakenly being called out for using a racial slur. Since then, he has been active on his Instagram stories.

Edited by Gautham Balaji