Who is Nathan Morley from Below Deck Adventure? Meet the deckhand with the quality of being “a natural entertainer”

Nathan Morley (Image via Instagram/@mutumbamorkey)
Nathan Morley (image via Instagram/@mutumbamorkey)

Below Deck Adventure is all set to premiere with season 1 only on Bravo. The forthcoming reality TV series is a new instalment in the Below Deck franchise. The new spin-off will feature a whole new crew in Norway. A cast member among them is Nathan Morley, who has joined the team as a deckhand.

The official synopsis for reads:

“Bravo takes viewers beyond the deck and off the yacht in the latest iteration of the Emmy Award-nominated franchise as passengers paraglide, explore caves and take extreme helicopter rides along the Norwegian Fjords.”

The cast for the forthcoming series is entirely new. They will be led by Captain Kerry Titheradge. Chief Stewardess, Faye Clarke will be joined by her junior stewards, Kasie Faddah and Oriana Schneps.

Nathan is a deckhand onboard and will be working alongside other deckhands including Michael Gilman and Kyle Dickard. The Chef onboard is Jessica Condy and she will also be joined by Bosun Lewis Lupton.

Nathan from Below Deck Adventure has been working in the industry for over five years

Ever since he was a little kid, Nathan has been fond of fishing and diving. The Below Deck Adventure star always knew he would work on the water. According to his official bio, when Nathan was just 18 years old, he walked up to a Captain at a marina and asked him for a job. Ever since the captain said yes, Nathan has been working in the industry since 2017.

His official bio reads:

"Nathan is an accomplished deckhand with a love for adventure, including axe throwing, hiking, snowboarding, and yoga. Usually shy and soft-spoken, Nathan comes alive for the charter guests and is a natural entertainer. But will too much time with the guests cause friction with his team?"

In the trailer shared by the network, Nathan describes himself as a Caribbean guy. He hails from the Bahamas and loves being around the water. After working on boats of various sizes, Nathan has now made his way to a large yacht in Below Deck Adventure.

Despite his years of experience, the trailer sees Nathan fall from the stairs and injure himself.

He currently has over 1300 followers on Instagram and has just about 50 posts. Nathan enjoys travelling and often posts about his adventures with his friends and his trips. His social media account includes glimpses of his escapades to the Bahamas, Norway, and many other places.

Here's more information about the forthcoming series Below Deck Adventures

When BravoCon recently took place, Captain Kerry made his debut as a Below Deck member. He was also accompanied by other Below Deck franchise captains including, Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean, Lee Rosbach from Below Deck, Jason Chambers from Below Deck Down Under, and Glenn Shephard from Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Season one of Below Deck Adventure will premiere only on Bravo in less than a week and is sure to include drama and entertainment like the previous instalments from the franchise.

Below Deck Adventure will premiere on Tuesday, November 1, on Bravo at 9 pm ET.

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