Who is Victory Brinker? All you need to know about the child opera singer who made AGT history with a Golden Buzzer from all the judges

Victory Brinker creates history by receiving Golden Buzzer from all four AGT judges
Victory Brinker creates history by receiving Golden Buzzer from all four AGT judges
Barsha Roy

Victory Brinker, a young opera singer, is the latest contestant to receive a Golden Buzzer in the ongoing season of “America's Got Talent.”

The 9-year-old created history by becoming the first-ever AGT contestant to receive a Golden Buzzer from all four judges.

Following a playful introduction, Victory Brinker took the judges by surprise right after hitting the first note. After delivering a powerful performance, the little singer received a standing ovation from the panel and a loud cheer from the audience.

A mesmerized Howie Mandel commented:

“I was not expecting that but you are angelic! I loved it, I loved it.”

Heidi Klum added:

“I loved it too. You have a beautiful voice, it was incredible. You are incredible.”

Sophia Vergara also agreed with Klum’s comment and said:

“You are a star! I think you have a powerful voice. It was amazing and I really loved it.”

However, when Simon Cowell’s turn came, the media mogul maintained a bit of suspense, surprisingly calling on host Terry Crews to join the panel.

After a close discussion, Simon stated that Victory Brinker would not be receiving a “yes” from the judges. Following a loud cry of disapproval from the audience, the media personality went on to reveal:

“We are going to do something else we have never ever ever done on this show before. We are all going to give you something special.”

After a small countdown, all the judges gathered together to hit the Golden Buzzer in unison, creating the most exceptional moment in the history of AGT.

Amid the massive applause and showers of golden confetti, little Victory Brinker broke down into tears and rushed into her mother’s arms.

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Who is Victory Brinker?

Based in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Victory Brinker is one of the youngest opera singers in the world. Born to parents Christine and Eric Brinker, she grew up with her 10 siblings.

Victory Brinker started singing at the tender age of two and began learning classical music when she was just six years old. She previously appeared on NBC’s “Little Big Shots” and has since been performing all across the US.

She performed as the Home Opener for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2019 and sang at a couple of NBA matches. She also appeared on “Wonderama,” DreamWorks’ German “Trolls” video and acted in a few films.

Victory Brinker went on to perform at Carnegie Hall, the Apollo and the Pittsburgh Public Theatre’s show “Lights and Legends!”.

She is currently homeschooled and can sing in seven different languages.

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Victory Brinker’s journey to Americas Got Talent

Before taking to the stage to deliver her unique opera performance, Victory Brinker stated that singing makes her feel happy:

“I am Victory Brinker. I am nine years old and I am a singer. When I am singing, it makes me feel happy, happy and happy.”

In the pre-taped backstage footage, Victory’s mother revealed that she sings “morning, noon and night”:

“There is nothing more touching as a parent than to see your child do what they love to do. All these years Victory has been saying, ‘I want to be on AGT, I want to sing for the judges.’ She is just this little girl but she was gonna give it her all and here she is, 9 years old and it is happening.”

The historic Golden Buzzer from the judges sends Victory Brinker straight to the AGT live shows.

She will be joining fellow Golden Buzzer contestants Nightbirde, Northwell Nurse Choir, Jimmie Herrod, Lea Kyle and World Taekwondo for direct live performances.

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