Who is Jessica Nunez A.K.A. Jayy? All about the Philadelphia singer who received a standing ovation on AGT with emotional performance of "Lost Without You"

Jessica Nunez on America’s Got Talent Audition (Image via Twitter/America's Got Talent)
Jessica Nunez on America’s Got Talent Audition (Image via Twitter/America's Got Talent)

Jessica Nunez (Jayy) recently received a standing ovation on the 16th season of “America’s Got Talent. Not only did viewers get a first-hand display of her pure singing talent, but also learned her tragic backstory.

Jayy Nunez performed an emotionally charged rendition of “Lost Without You,” which made model Heidi Klum, the show’s judge, say,

“Now is your time. I’m ready to celebrate you.”

While the artist did not receive the coveted Golden Buzzer, her soul-stirring performance garnered a standing ovation from all the judges.

One of the judges, model and actress, Sofia Vergara, asked Nunez:

“Are they happy you’re here?” to which Jessica Nunez replied, “They’re in Heaven.”

Backstory of America's Got Talent contestant Jessica Nunez :

The 29-year-old pop singer, Jayy, explained her family’s origin from the Dominican Republic and revealed how were parents were tragically murdered before her eyes. In 2012, her family’s bodega in Philadelphia was robbed by armed assailants. In the shootout, then 19-year-old Jayy lost her parents and aunt. In 2016, the murderers received consecutive life sentences.

“America’s Got Talent” judge Howie Mandel praised the singer by saying:

“I felt like I was listening to your parents. They are here. I hear them through your voice and through your heart. It was so beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell stated:

“To be able to sing a song like that, with that lyric, with all those memories in your head, I think is extraordinary...People like you are the reason why we make this show, genuinely. I think you’re an incredible person.”

The Dominican Republic native, Jessica Nunez, also competed in the Spanish singing show “Reina de la Canción” in 2019. However, she failed to qualify in the second round of voting.


America’s Got Talent tweeted a clip of her audition on Tuesday and captioned it:

“We know they’re proud of you @JayyMusic_ . We just know it.”
Jessica Nunez (Jayy) explained to the judges that she “had to become the big sister for my siblings, and I stopped my dreams. I finally decided to focus on my music that I know (my parents) loved seeing me do all the time.”

Jessica Nunez earns wide support after her appearance on AGT.

Several AGT fans sympathized with Jessica Nunez's story on Twitter. One of them tweeted:

“Beautiful. I’m more than sure her parents are listening and very proud of her (Jessica Nunez). What a beautiful voice.”

While a Philadelphia native tweeted:

“I’m from Philly. And I remember that news story. So it really hit home. Great job. I wish there was one more golden buzzer for you. So (Philly) proud of you.”

The future of Jessica Nunez seems bright on “America’s Got Talent” Season 16 after her powerful performance, which mesmerized everyone.

Edited by Ashish Yadav
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