Why did Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes break up? 'Bachelorette' couple officially announce split

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes have parted ways two months after engagement (Image via ABC/The Bachelorette)
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes have parted ways two months after engagement (Image via ABC/The Bachelorette)
Barsha Roy

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes have parted ways just two months after their engagement on the Bachelorette finale. The couple took to Instagram to officially announce their split through a joint statement.

The pair mentioned that they decided to call it quits as they realized their incompatibility as life partners and planned to move forward in their respective lives “independently”. They also clarified that the decision was made with “mutual love and respect”.

Sources close to the couple told Page Six that the breakup happened due to issues with their long-distance relationship. Following their engagement, Katie moved to San Diego while Blake went back to his hometown in Canada.

Although the couple had initially planned to maintain their relationship beyond borders, insiders told the outlet that the geographical difference between the pair was “hard to navigate”. It was also mentioned that the relationship started faltering due to the constant pressure of being under the limelight:

“It was exhausting to maintain a long-distance relationship. Still, at one point, Katie seemed all in with Blake and was super hopeful that he would one day become her husband. But all the attention from the show put this unspoken pressure on the relationship that they weren’t prepared for.”

A few days before the official separation, Katie Thurston also took to Instagram to speak about the challenges of a long-distance relationship:

"I don't think people fully understand what it's like to date someone from another country and the rules behind that and the visas behind that. I think right now, Blake can only be here for 60 days before having to go back to Canada, so we really do have a lot we have to look into and we just haven't yet before we can plan really anything else."

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes have requested fans to support them in their decision. The couple also asked for “kindness and privacy” to deal with the ongoing situation.

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes break up and the internet is not surprised

The internet is not surprised about Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes split (Image via Twitter/Bachelor Nation)
The internet is not surprised about Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes split (Image via Twitter/Bachelor Nation)

Katie Thurston stunned fans of Bachelor Nation when she gave her final rose to Blake Moynes on the finale of The Bachelorette in August. The latter also proposed to Katie with a Neil Lane ring and the couple were set to explore their new journey together.

Blake Moynes entered Katie’s season after previously competing for Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams on the show. He also shared that Katie caught his attention when she appeared on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

And there you have it! Congratulations @katiethurston 💍 @BlakeMoynes. ❤️ #TheBachelorette

The pair formed an immediate connection and Katie Thurston shockingly left behind finalists Greg Grippo and Michael Allio to give her heart to Blake Moynes. The newly-engaged pair also gushed about their engagement in the After The Final Rose special episode.

Despite Katie and Blake’s loved-up bond, fans were not surprised about their short-lived relationship. Several social media users mentioned that the split was evident as the couple were never each other’s first choice.

"Katie Thurston and fiance Blake Moynes split"Everyone:
not to be rude but like…are we surprised katie and blake split up? i just feel like that was inevitable seeing as they were both each other’s 3rd choice.
The only reaction we need to Katie and Blake breaking up. #Bachelorette
So Katie and Blake have broken up, was this incredibly recent or should we expect Blake to crash Michelle's season at some point? #TheBachelorette
katie and blake broke up?? you mean settling with your last possible option didn’t work out??
Katie and Blake broke up and I bet they’ve BEEN broken up and abc made them wait until after Michelle’s season started #Bachelorette
Can we never talk about Katie and Blake again in Bachelor Nation thx
Me logging onto Twitter after Katie and Blake broke up:
Katie and Blake broke up? *pretends to be shocked* Oh well… Justice for Greg Grippo 🙌🏻 #BachelorNation
i knew katie and blake were gonna break up 🤣 the whole relationship was forced #TheBachelorette
now that katie and blake broke up, I want to put it out there that NONE of us want to see either of them on any bachelor, bachelorette, or bip season so please do not bring either of them back, thank you
Katie and Blake broke up which is shocking because you would think that two people who got engaged after like a month and live in two different countries would just last forever and ever #TheBachelorette
I knew Katie and Blake were gonna break up as soon as this tweet dropped
Omg Katie and Blake broke up?? Even though she was just sooo in love with him and totally didn't settle at all#TheBachelorette

As reactions continue to pour in online, it remains to be seen if Katie Thurston will be successful in finding the love of her life in the days to come.

Meanwhile, viewers are also waiting to see if Blake Moynes will return to Bachelor Nation once again in Michelle Young’s ongoing season.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee
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