Why is Twosday trending on Twitter? Palindrome and Ambigram meaning explained as netizens celebrate unique date

Twosday (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twosday (Image via Sportskeeda)

February 22, 2022 is being hailed as 'Twosday' on social media for its significance. The date becomes an eight-digit palindrome when written in the DD/MM/YYYY format. The event of a palindromic date is extremely rare in the upcoming years, a fact which made people cherish the date even more.

The last such palindrome was on 11/11/11, and the next upcoming such date will be on February 3, 2030, i.e., 03/02/2030. Earlier on February 2, another palindrome date occurred. However, these dates have not yet generated as much hype as this week's Tuesday.

The date is also an ambigram and spawned multiple celebrations in some locations, like Las Vegas, Nevada.

Twosday trending on Twitter: Significance of the day explained

February 22, 2022 is also a Tuesday, and the digits mostly include twos. The date is a palindrome as it can be read backwards as well, and it would still not change its meaning. Meanwhile, this date is also an ambigram, which refers to any visual that would read the same whilst being upside down.

With the combination of the date being both an ambigram and a palindrome, a similar rare occasion will reportedly be repeated only around four centuries later. According to the National Weather Service, the next such event with twos on a Tuesday will occur on a Tuesday in 2422.

Online reaction to Twosday

The date's significance is proven by the memes spawned by the special date. Since 2019, a Twitter page has been tracking the countdown for this date. Furthermore, the page has its official website with a live countdown to Tuesday.

While other important dates are celebrated at midnight, according to the official countdown, this date will be celebrated from 22.22 (or 10:22 pm).


Furthermore, Google also celebrated the day with confetti falling from the top of the website page with the message, "Happy Twosday 2You!"

The next such palindromic day will be a Friday on the leap day of 2092, i.e., on February 29, 2092.

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