"Without JK she would be a nobody": Emma Watson says she'll return to the Wizard World only if JK Rowling is not involved, leaves the internet divided

Emma Watson is unwilling to work on a new Harry Potter movie if JK Rowling is involved (Image via David M. Benett and Mike Marsland/Getty Images)
Emma Watson is unwilling to work on a new Harry Potter movie if JK Rowling is involved (Image via David M. Benett and Mike Marsland/Getty Images)

Internet users who support JK Rowling lash out at Emma Watson for her recent comments about returning to the Harry Potter series. Sources close to the actress told GFR that she is unwilling to return to the franchise if JK Rowling is involved with the project.

Many believe the actress's decision is related to transphobic comments made by the author.

However, the internet was divided over Watson's decision, with many claiming that the 32-year-old actress owes her acting career to Rowling and the Harry Potter book series.

Emma Watson has said she will return to Harry Potter if JK wasn’t involved. Please, without JK she would be a nobody. Be grateful.

Emma Watson's recent comments on JK Rowling lead to backlash; some netizens support her

Upset internet users took to Twitter to share their disagreement with the actress, pointing out that she is famous for her role as Hermoine Granger.

Emma Watson has said she will return to Harry Potter if JK wasn’t involved. JK Rowling made Watsons name, not the other way round. She'd do well to remember that.
Why are these young actors so incredibly ungrateful and ungracious? They are a disgrace. Rotten values @EmmaWatson @jk_rowling…

Some called the actress a "brat," saying that Rowling was a more significant part of the Harry Potter series when compared to Emma Watson. They noted that the author should have all the licensing rights for the franchise.

Emma Watson....What a total brat. She should kiss the ground @jk_rowling walks on for creating the character that made her a teenage millionaire. Ungrateful and spoilt doesn't even begin to cover it. You can be easily replaced, dear.Meryl Streep you are not.…
Harry Potter is JK Rowlings, not Emma Watson, Emma Watson doesn’t own Harry Potter, she didn’t write it, as much as she thinks she did, she has no right in demanding JK Rowling leave, it’s her book.
Honestly, @jk_rowling should take all the licensing rights for the Harry Potter franchise back from Hollywood and leave the Emma Watsons of the world to prove their worth without the safety net of the billion-dollar intellectual property.

One user commented that Emma Watson hadn't had a hit movie since 2017.

JK Rowling can live off Harry Potter forever, Emma Watson hasn’t been in a hit film since 2017…
Emma Watson has be horrendous towards JK Rowling because she says men can't become women but is completely silent regarding Ezra Miller who by his most actions is a gun toting drug addled pervert.

Many users support Emma Watson and claim it's good she stood up against transphobia

Not everyone agreed with the backlash Watson is receiving. One user quoted Rowling's words about how standing against friends takes more courage than standing against an enemy.

While another said that it was okay for the actress not to want to work with anyone, she didn't agree with:

Those saying that Emma Watson shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds, or that she should be grateful to JK Rowling, forget Rowling’s own quote from Dumbledore in the HP books: "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends."
Emma Watson does not owe JK Rowling anything. If you don’t agree with someone, you’re not obligated to associate yourself with them. Take a Break, Helen. It’s none of your business.…

Many users have pointed out that while Watson succeeded in the Harry Potter franchise, she is in her right not to support JK Rowling's anti-trans sentiments.

Emma Watson is a talented actress who auditioned as a child and got the part. She worked hard over the years and owes Rowling nothing. She is now a young woman with her own opinions and decided to take a stand against Rowlings Anti Trans Rights. She's a hero.
GCs excluding Emma Watson from feminists they like, despite her literally being a UN Womens ambassador, just because she actually supports trans women is sorta telling on these people.
Did Harry Potter make it possible for Emma Watson to get famous? Yes. Does that mean she’s required to overlook the egregious things Rowling has said about trans people ? No. She’s sticking by her principles. Good for her.…
So Emma Watson should tacitly endorse genocdial thinking towards Trans people because she earned a role via a casting director in a film based on a book JK Rowling wrote, years before we found out her bigoted views? Ok Helen.…

Supporters also pointed out that neither Watson nor Rowling has commented on Miller's recent controversies.

So Emma Watson is trending because the GC crowd are angry she won't work with JK Rowling again, and are attacking Emma for not condemning Ezra Miller. Erm... Rowl-demort currently has Ezra starring in her movies and she has said nothing, but I guess that's OK right?
@adulthumanlady @jk_rowling Emma Watson last worked with Ezra Miller 10 years ago. JK Rowling last worked with Ezra Miller this year.
Emma Watson is trending because she isn't transphobic and that really winds up the Joanne cult. That's the reason she's trending. "She's SILENT on Ezra Miller!" Right, well, so is Joanne who tweets ALL THE TIME and Miller was actually IN her movies.

Some supporters condemned critics by saying that Watson doesn't need to be grateful to the writer.

Emma Watson is not JK Rowling's indentured servant, you weirdo.…
Emma Watson is not beholden to JK Rowling just because she helped Watson's career. It's like saying you can't disagree with your parents because they gave birth to you. What a dumb thing to say.…

Why did the actress receive backlash?

GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT recently reported that Warner Bros. is looking into making a new Harry Potter movie, featuring the original trio consisting of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson reprising their iconic roles.

However, sources close to the actress have revealed that she will only be returning to the franchise if JK Rowling is not involved in any way.

While Watson hasn't mentioned any reasons for her decision, people believe that it could be based on a history of anti-trans remarks made by Rowling.

Rowling has a history of posting anti-trans sentiments on Twitter. The writer received major backlash from the internet community, who labeled her as a TERF. TERF is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminists, who advocate radical feminism and believe that a trans woman’s gender identity is not legitimate.

Following the criticism received by internet users, all three actors, including Radcliffe, Grint, and Watson, decided to address the situation by posting supportive messages toward the trans community on their social media accounts.

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