What has Ezra Miller done? Accusations explained as scandal surrounding 'The Flash' star worsens

Ezra Miller (Image via Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)
Ezra Miller (Image via Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Following The Flash star Ezra Miller's recent downward spiral with legal controversies, DC fans have taken to social media to urge Warner Brothers Discovery to address the issue. Miller has been part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) since 2016's Batman Vs. Superman. However, there have been recent rumors reported by multiple sources about the 29-year-old actor not being part of DCEU's future projects.

Miller addressed these recent controversies on their Instagram, though their account has since been deleted. Their controversial past first re-surfaced in 2020, when a video of them choking and shoving a female fan to the ground went viral.


After this incident, the actor was arrested in Hawaii for disorderly conduct after allegedly assaulting and harassing a few individuals in a karaoke bar.

Timeline of Ezra Miller's controversies

Choking video ft. Ezra Miller and a potential fan


As mentioned before, the New Jersey native's controversial behavior first surfaced online with a video of them choking a female fan who approached them. The incident seemed to have occurred on April 1, 2020, at the Prikið Kaffihús bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. The 5-second-long clip showcased Miller taunting the women by saying, "Did you want to fight?" before they reached for the woman's neck.

Following this, rumors of the actor being uneasy to work with on the set of The Flash spread online. As per some online allegations, Ezra Miller had multiple breakdowns during the movie's production.

Arrests in Hawaii


On March 28, Miller was arrested in the state for disorderly conduct at a karaoke bar. It was reported that they snatched the microphone off a woman's hand and lunged themselves at a man at the karaoke bar. At the time, the actor was released from detainment after a $500 bail.

However, within a month, Ezra Miller again found themselves in trouble in Hawaii. On April 19, they were arrested again for reportedly striking a local woman with a chair in the Puna district. The woman was injured with a "half-inch cut," as reported by the official report from the Hawaii Police Department.

Allegations by Mia Solange

In early April, TikTok user Mia Solange claimed to be abused by Ezra Miller. Solange outlined the allegations on TikTok and alleged:

"You took everything from me. Ezra M***er is not a good human. And I can finally say so without being terrified. #abuser."

The reportedly dated in 2019. In the TikTok video, Solange further accused Miller of biting them with bite marks visible in one of the photos. However, the allegations came with a revelation that the actor had never "really threatened" them.

Allegations of grooming and supplying drugs to a minor


In early June, TMZ reported allegations from the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes, who claimed that Miller had swayed their daughter with negative influences. The legal documents obtained by the publication also reportedly claimed that the actor had supplied her with narcotic substances like marijuana, alcohol, and even LSD.

As per recent reports, Ezra Miller and Tokata Iron Eyes met in 2016 when the actor was 23 and the girl was 12. Iron Eyes' parents mentioned that the actor influenced their daughter to drop out of school. Per the legal documents, they had claimed to have visited Miller's residence in Vermont, where their daughter was staying at the time. The parents claimed to have found that their daughter did not have access to a driver's license, car key, or transactional bank cards.

Tokata's parents further alleged that their daughter had bruise marks during their visit in January, which they believed were from Ezra Miller's abuse.


Following the revelation of these allegations, it remains to be seen if Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav will decide to release The Flash movie or replace Miller for future roles.

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