The Flash recast: Angry fans want Grant Gustin to replace Ezra Miller in the DC movie

Fans demanded Grant Gustin replace Ezra Miller as The Flash. (Image via IMDb)
Fans demanded Grant Gustin replace Ezra Miller as The Flash. (Image via IMDb)

Fans took to social media to suggest that Grant Gustin, star of the long-running The Flash TV series, should take over as the new DCEU Flash.

The outburst comes following Ezra Miller's recent run-ins with the law, as well as the recent announcements that Warner Bros executives were planning to postpone any future DC Extended Universe or Wizarding World projects with the actor. Miller's first Flash film is yet to be released, which makes the timing even more challenging.

According to Rolling Stone, executives at Warner Bros. had an emergency meeting after Miller was involved in two unsettling episodes in Hawaii last month. According to the reports:

"The consensus in the room was to hit pause on any future projects involving Miller including possible appearances in the DC Cinematic Universe."
Warner Bros. and DC execs held an emergency meeting to discuss Ezra Miller’s future with the studio.The consensus in the room was to hit pause on any future projects involving Ezra Miller.(Source:…)

Twitter fans want Grant Gustin as Ezra Miller's replacement in The Flash movie

Probably a good time to mention this, Grant Gustin would’ve been a much better DCEU Flash.

Even before the news of the "hitting pause" became public, social media has been flooded with tweets like this one above (which has over 20,000 likes) from a fan. When news of the "hitting pause" became public, Twitter fans suggested that Grant Gustin, whose long-running CW series The Flash was recently renewed for a ninth season, could take over the role. One fan tweeted,

The best time to make Grant Gustin the DCEU Flash was years ago, the 2nd best time is now.…

A number of fans argued that Gustin deserved a larger film budget, as evidenced by this popular tweet:

give it to grant gustin please god that man is so good he deserves better than a show with a $5 budget…

The push to cast Grant Gustin as the Flash came as a popular opinion among Twitter fans owing to the fact that the actor has done true justice to the role over such a long time on television, now over eight seasons. Ross Lynch's name also came up as an alternative to Miller.

@Michaeljoh20 @DiscussingFilm Surely it's got to be Grant Gustin? I mean the guy plays The Flash in the TV show. Makes sense to cast him in the movies. DC calling it wrong every step of the way
If these accusations about Ezra Miller are true, and he’s going to be recast. I think WB should use the #flash film to bring in Grant Gustin. Have Ezra’s flash running and then suddenly morph into Grant or something like that.
@DiscussingFilm He has no future just recast him already with Ross lynch or Grant gustin.
@DiscussingFilm Let's just swap Ezra with Grant, Grant with top tier CGI can be unstoppable

There were also a number of popular joke tweets, including one that repurposed a classic meme of Grant Gustin posing in front of a tombstone, as well as a few jokes about how Gustin has been playing the Flash for so long that he might not want to commit to a movie franchise.

Grant gustin to Erza Miller and The flash movie#TheFlashmovie
@DiscussingFilm It's not too late, recast the original Flash
Grant Gustin finally nearing the end of his time as The Flash when fans start demanding he replace the guy in the film franchise

More on Ezra Miller's notorious behaviour in the past

According to the report, Miller had "frequent meltdowns" on the set of The Flash in 2023, although they were not violent. Miller has also been the focus of controversy in the past.

In 2020, a video of them reportedly choking a female fan went viral. The details surrounding the incident are unclear. A friend of the fan claimed it was not done in jest. At the time, there was no indication that Miller would be removed from the DCEU, but recent news has only served to highlight what transpired previously.

The Flash was supposed to debut later this year, but was pushed back to June 2023 due to a reshuffle of the entire DCEU. This means Warner Bros. has more than a year to make a decision about Miller's role in the film and whether Gustin Grant has any chance of replacing him owing to public demand.

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