'You' Season 3 review: Do Joe and Love fall back into their old patterns in the latest season of Netflix's thriller series?

Still from Netflix's You Season 3 (Image via IMDb)
Still from Netflix's You Season 3 (Image via IMDb)

Netflix just dropped the latest season for the intensely addictive thriller series, You, and there's trouble in paradise even if the paradise consists of murderers.

Created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, the story revolves around Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager with a toxic obsession. Crushing on someone is one thing, but when Joe has a crush, he will do anything for that person to the extent of removing any and every obstacle or person in his way.

Season 3 of You picks off right from last season's finale, where Joe and Love are happily married to their new baby boy, Henry, and have moved to suburban California. But does Joe fall back into his old cycle of obsession and murder everyone who comes in between?

'You' Season 3: A review



The latest season of You opens up with the psychotic power couple, Joe and Love, moving into the suburbs of California with their son, Henry. Their lives change into typical parents with newborns, sleepless nights and diaper changes, and reminiscing on when things were better. One can usually reignite that missing spark, but it usually involves a crime when it comes to these two.

But this season, viewers will see Love with more slip-ups than Joe, which isn't that surprising.

Despite dissecting their characters, Joe is more careful and methodical, an agent of planning and making sure everything is laid out exactly how he wants it to be, whereas Love is impulsive and spontaneous, someone who lashes out easily and leaves the mess for her husband to clean after.

This season, a small inevitable slip-up leads to trouble in the couple's marriage before ultimately bringing them closer together. The show has a clever way of portraying the villains as normal people with issues (big ones, of course) but people who are also trying their best to be good. Not to forget the subtle political messages, social commentary on anti-vaxxers and the usual takes on the biased system.

Viewers will see a whole lot of crimes of passion, new characters, drama, and, well, Joe and Love being their typically obsessive-murdering selves, even if after a certain point, the show might feel like it's going in circles. But, like every season, You has the perfect plot ending in the last two episodes, which will definitely receive some gasps and OMGs.

With Netflix renewing the show for another season, it's clear that the Quinn-Goldberg duo is still going to be around along with their obsessive, impulsive tendencies.

Season 3 of You is now streaming on Netflix.

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