Yourself Expression Update: What happened to Shelby Gogulski’s business after Shark Tank?

Accessories from Yourself Expression (Image via Instagram/yourselfexpression)
Accessories from Yourself Expression (Image via Instagram/yourselfexpression)

Shelby Golgulski came to Shark Tank with her younger brother on season 7 of the show, which premiered in September 2015. They were looking for a deal for Shelby's company, Yourself Expression. They garnered a lot of appreciation from the sharks but couldn't crack a deal.

Yourself Expression sold DIY jewelry-making kits and also had significant returns before they came to the show. However, one of the many reasons the sharks didn't go forth with the deal was because they believed that the company wouldn't go above a certain sales point.

However, Yourself Expression has since done exceptionally well, as reported on the website. Their 2022 reports said that the company made $5 million in revenue per year.

Shark Tank updates on Yourself Expression by Shelby and her brother Gordy

At only fifteen years of age, Shelby Gogulski was already a businesswoman and had achieved great feats when it came to her passion project, Yourself Expression. And even though she left disappointed and without a deal in season 7, the sharks equipped her with a bunch of advice they thought was crucial for the future of her company.

After Shark Tank, the brand owners changed the name of the company from Yourself Expression to Gracie Roze.

Gracie Roze has since shown significant online expansion which has helped them skyrocket their sales. They have active and updated pages on sites like Facebook and Instagram, that market their products to the apt audience.

Apart from their online presence, Grazie Roze has also continued with their primary source of sales, i.e. gift shops, cruise lines, and souvenir shops.

Combining all their sources, the company makes $5 million a year in revenue. The report being 2 years old means one can assume that their company has grown even more by 2024.

Their website,, shows that the siblings have expanded the DIY jewelry section and introduced an apparel section. They now also sell colorful and printed clothes for infants and toddlers.

Yourself Expression's Shark Tank feature

Shelby and her little brother Gordy showed up on episode 27 of Shark Tank season 7, looking for $50,000 for a 20% stake in their company, Yourself Expression. In a company founded together with their parents, Shelby owned a 33% stake, while Gordy owned a 20% stake and the rest of the 47% was their parents'.

At the time, the siblings had been selling their products in 90 retail stores across America, which harnessed them $365,000 in sales a year, with a whopping $80,000 in sales the last year.

They came to Shark Tank looking to break into the souvenir shop industry, which was admired by most sharks. Robert said that he didn't think the company would go far beyond their current sales, so he was out. Mark said because of Shelby's age, she might want to do something else soon, so binding herself down with investment wasn't a good idea.

All the sharks gave the duo crucial advice with which they were able to grow to this impressive extent.

Full seasons of Shark Tank are available to stream on Hulu.

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