YouTuber Lee Jin-ho accuses singer Choi Sung-bong of faking his cancer

Stills of Choi Sung-bong and YouTuber Lee Jin-ho (Images via Instagram/sungbongchoiofficial, YouTube/Lee Ji-ho official)
Stills of Choi Sung-bong and YouTuber Lee Jin-ho (Images via Instagram/sungbongchoiofficial, YouTube/Lee Ji-ho official)
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YouTuber Lee Jin-ho accused Korean singer Choi Sung-bong of faking his cancer diagnosis and raising funds under false pretenses. He uploaded a video titled Choi Sung Bong under suspicion of fake cancer...1 billion KRW ($840,000) crowdfunding, why? In this, he spoke of his suspicions and said that the singer faked his illness to seek sympathy.

The YouTuber had raised his suspicions before as well. At the time, he had questioned the reports from the hospital about Choi Sung-bong's diagnosis. The YouTuber also pointed out that the gown that the singer had worn while he announced the news was not from any hospital.

What are the bases of Lee Jin-ho's accusations against Choi Sung-bong?

Lee Jin-ho claimed that he had called multiple hospitals to check if the singer was admitted to any of them, and he was told that hospital gowns have monograms that make identifying the respective hospital easier. Lee Jin-ho also alleged that Choi Sung-bong had purchased the gown from an online store.

On October 11, he said he received multiple opinions from other healthcare professionals who found the report to be suspicious. Lee Jin-ho explained that terms that were used in Choi Sung-bong's reports were not ones used by professional healthcare providers.

He also explained how the exact details about previous surgeries must be mentioned in in such reports. Choi Sung-bong's report, however, mentioned the date of surgery only approximately.

The YouTuber also pointed out other discrepancies in the report. He claimed that he had also researched the diagnosis code on the medical reports and one of them did not even exist. He also mentioned that the diagnosis in the first medical report did not match that of the second report.

This is another reason the YouTuber believes that the diagnosis is fake and aimed at raising funds to help Choi Sung-bong prepare his next album. According to Lee Jin-ho, to make a new album, one needs around 100 million KWN.

Choi Sung-bong's response after initial accusations

According to a report in allkpop, at the time of Lee Jin-ho's initial accusations, Singer Choi Sung-bong responded, saying, "I spoke with reporter Lee Jin-ho for four hours, and amidst sending in supporting evidence, I refute the claims that I am faking my illness."

He then added, "Lee Jin Ho was already doubting my cancer and contacted me. However, he told me that he would help me since he had interviewed me in 2011. So I sent him supporting evidence, but as time went on, he coaxed me and threatened me. So I told him not to use the recording but that it was released as false information."

He also said that the hospital gown that he had used was store bought. This was to ensure that his fans did not find where he was admitted.

He then concluded by saying, "What I hate the most in the world. is for my life story to be used as a means to buy sympathy or pity. However, my cancer was written in articles. I contemplated whether I should reveal I was suffering from cancer." He continued to warn, saying, "I have endured so many celebrities who are trying to take advantage of my cancer, but this time I will respond strongly with legal measures."

Edited by Sabine Algur
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