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Zoe Laverne pregnancy worries the internet as allegations of her being a "child groomer" resurface

Zoe Laverne
Zoe Laverne's pregnancy has raised some concerns (Image via Sportskeeda)
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 23 Feb 2021

In a recent announcement on Instagram, Zoe Laverne informed the world that she was pregnant. While information like this should send waves of happiness amongst people, this wasn't the case.

The internet brought back allegations of her being a child groomer and expressed concern for the child. The internet celebrity was accused of grooming a 13-year-old boy a while ago, which has come back to bite her.

Zoe Laverne called out for allegedly being a child groomer after announcing pregnancy

The online world continues to worry about Zoe Laverne's pregnancy. People have had everything but kind words for the TikTok star on Twitter.

The internet has continuously accused her of being a child groomer and expressed concern for the unborn child.

Users have also said that she was supposed to stay away from children.


Twitterati also noted that it would be calling in child protection services once the child is born, believing that Zoe Laverne belongs in jail.


Zoe Laverne has faced accusations for being a child groomer for a while now. The internet believes things are disturbing because she had to come out and clarify that the 13-year-old wasn't the father of her child.


The internet finds the fact that she kissed a 13-year-old problematic. And if the allegations that she's facing are indeed true, she could face jail time.

People on the internet have said that they hope Zoe Laverne is faking the entire pregnancy scenario.


People have also lashed out at the internet sensation for saying that those who meddled in her business weren't raised right.


Overall, it's evident from all these tweets that the internet isn't happy at all with the way Zoe Laverne is going about things.

Of course, the 19-year-old has her own life and is free to do whatever she chooses. However, if the allegations of her being a child groomer and a pedophile are right, she will be at the receiving end of many legal issues.

Since the time she's announced her pregnancy, people online have been concerned with the unborn child's well-being. They believe if Zoe Laverne's a child groomer, then her child may potentially face a lot of abuse from her.

Published 23 Feb 2021, 14:41 IST
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