Tyson Fury gets a clear warning from rival Dillian Whyte - "He ain't beating me"

Tyson Fury (L) has received a warning just one week away from his fight with Dillian Whyte (R)
Tyson Fury (L) has received a warning just one week away from his fight with Dillian Whyte (R)
Josh Evanoff

"He ain't beating me." That's the message to Tyson Fury from Dillian Whyte ahead of their huge fight next week.

The two heavyweights are set to clash next Saturday at Wembley Stadium. The fight is one of the most anticipated in British boxing history. The bout has already broken records with more than 90,000 fans expected to pack the stands.

The build-up to the fight has been intense. Both men have traded their fair share of insults, which is customary for a Tyson Fury fight at this point. However, the bout has the added wrinkle that the two men used to train together and have shared in the ring in the past.

Based on a recent video posted by VOW Nutrion, Whyte isn't taking his training lightly. The clip is meant to show an inside view of what 'The Body Snatcher' is doing in his training camp in Portugal.

The video, titled, 'He ain't beating me', shows the WBC interim heavyweight champion throwing the ball around with some friends. After having a little bit of fun, it cuts back to Whyte's vigorous training, showing that he's not taking his upcoming fight lightly.

Watch Whyte's training in the video below:


Dillian Whyte discusses training with Tyson Fury

Now just one week away from his fight with Tyson Fury, Dillian Whyte has reflected upon his time training with 'The Gypsy King'.

While some have been quick to dismiss the two heavyweights training together as short-term, Whyte has said otherwise. In a recent interview with Top Rank, he pointed out how he and the WBC heavyweight champion were friends for a while.

'The Body Snatcher' also dispelled the notion that he only trained with Fury on a couple of occasions. Instead, the 34-year-old noted that he was brought in for several training camps:

"Me and Tyson was cool one time. It wasn't even just sparring partners, I got called into camp to help him train because at the time he was training with his uncle Peter, and Peter is a very intelligent man. Peter knew he needed strong guys to bring him up to a certain level. It wasn't just sparring, I was in there for months, living with them in the Gypsy campsite in Warrington and training with them."

Watch Dillian Whyte discuss training with Tyson Fury below:

"Me & Tyson was cool one time."@DillianWhyte on training with @Tyson_Fury in the past ๐Ÿ‘€

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